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6è Seminari Internacional de Tàctica i Tècnica Esportiva

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Pg. Mas Riera, 22. 

17820 Banyoles

Tel.: 972 57 64 93

correu dir.ceef@udg.es  

link UdG www.udg.edu/ceef  

Twitter @udgceef 

Secretari: Martí Pons



To register, fill in the form in capital letters; the information will be sent to an automated file. Complete the registration procedure by transferring the seminar fee to account number 0081 - 7023 - 63-0001172322 of Banc Sabadell.

Web: www.udg.edu/ceef15symposiumsportstactics

Registration form: http://goo.gl/forms/oNqUWQTB7i

Please indicate your name and the name of the seminar you are registering for.

Registration deadline: Tuesday 17 April 2015