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Recull de notícies

Recull de notícies

Cerca de socis: Looking for an R&D partner who could develop and commercialize an online coding tool which is a game based using the machine-learning technology

A Korean SME active in the development of educational software would like to develop an online coding service using the gamification and machine learning technologies. It will make the difficult and complicated programming language easy and interesting to learn.

Us volíem informar de la següent petició en el Enterprise Europe Network:

A Korean software company is interested in developing an online coding game. The purpose of this educational service is for the users to learn programming languages easily by giving them a fun time to play a game. Basically, coding is not easy to learn alone. By experiencing this coding game, the users can learn various kinds of programming languages. Additionally, a learning management system to manage each leaner’s state of learning will be also developed. Plus, a level editor will be developed for learners to create their own level and share the contents with others.

In recent years, as the market of EdTech (Education+Technology) is incredibly growing, there is an increasing importance of educating software all over the world. Specifically, coding is becoming a mandatory course in primary schools of South Korea from 2018. This means that the demand

for learning coding will drastically increase in the near future.

Core technologies of a coding game are divided into three.

1) gamification: It is a game so a fun factor should be there.

2) machine learning: using machine learning technology, each individual’s learning can be efficiently managed.

3) complier: there are multiple kinds of programming languages, so to let learners learn the languages in one web tool, complier supporting various kinds of languages should be simultaneously developed.

Moreover, a level editor will be developed as well for users to create their own level and utilize the contents.

To co-develop above mentioned coding game, the company would like to form a firm partnership with an overseas partner who has expertise in the related fields.

The expected period of carrying out R&D project is 2 years including commercialization. The commercialization is essential since the company is expecting to enter European market with the newly developed technology by collaborating with the partner company. The project is planned to be submitted targeting August, 2017. Therefore, deadline of the EOIs(expressions of interest) for this profile will be at the latest end of July, 2017.

Referència: TRKR20170309001


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