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Recull de notícies

Cerca de socis per: Innovative endotoxin testing methods for pharmaceutical products

A large German life sciences company with worldwide locations providing endotoxin detection products is looking for an innovative technology for a cutting-edge sensitive, inexpensive and fast endotoxin test system. The technology requested can either be at the laboratory stage or fully developed but should not rely on horseshoe crab blood or other animal product.

Us volíem informar de la següent petició en el Enterprise Europe Network:

Endotoxins are lipopolysaccharides (LPS) that are part of a complex that forms the outer envelope of gram-negative bacteria. Humans are particularly sensitive to tiny amounts of endotoxins since it often induces a pyrogenic response. The presence of endotoxin in the bloodstream can cause fever, inflammation or irreversible shock.

In consequence, an essential part of quality assurance and quality control of biopharmaceuticals involves testing for endotoxins.

Today, the kinetic LAL (Limulus amebocyte lysate) methods are the most accurate and sensitive procedures for testing endotoxin content in pharmaceutical injectable products. However, the procedure has a number of essential drawbacks, for example certain drugs enhance or inhibit test reagents to produce either false-positive or false-negative results.Additionally, many species of bacteria produce LPS types that are poorly detected by LAL.

The German company is looking for partners, either academic or industrial, which are active in the field of analytical detection for  commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement.

The partner sought should offer a method which is new to the industry to detect endotoxin in liquids as quality assurance and quality control of biopharmaceuticals. The innovative method should not rely on horseshoe crab blood or other animal products for the source testing material. Further details are described in the technical specification.

The company is a trusted supplier in the endotoxin detection market with a broad expertise in research and manufacturing in this area.

Together with the partner they can develop the detection test from lab-scale to a marketable product within a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

They are also looking for exclusive rights to commercialize a patented technology (licensing agreement).

The company is also open for other types of cooperation depending on e.g. the technical readiness level of the technology. The final goal is that the German company will bring the technology to the market as a branded product.

Referència: TRDE20150915001


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