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Recull de notícies

Recull de notícies

Cerca de socis pel projecte H2020-ICT-05-2017: companies/research centres with expertise in IDE (Integrated Development Environments)

A Spanish SME specialised in ICT solutions is preparing a proposal to the ICT-05-2017 call (Customised and low energy computing) aimed to create secure intelligent services in the Internet of Things (IoT) capable to automatically optimize their resources to be energy efficient.

Us volíem informar de la següent petició en el Enterprise Europe Network:

The project’s mission is to aid software engineers in creating intelligent services in the Internet of Thins (IoT) capable to automatically optimize their resources to be energy efficient and helping them to include in the solutions secure code.

The coordinator’s vision in this research is to improve energy efficiency of computer systems by allowing the programming of self-optimizing software. This includes energy-awareness in the software and the involvement of the application in the resource allocation decision and in the scheduling. Their approach forms a stronger link between applications and the runtime system in form of an information flow used to steer the resources. This increases the self-awareness of software and is required for the research community to take the next step into energy efficient computing. Parameters of the executions like throughput, latency, energy consumption, temperature, reliability etc., can be monitored to exploit carefully the available resources. In this context, the concept of self-awareness will help to optimize the hardware resources in every situation. With this awareness, the system has a set point according to which it can be adapted to reach the globally most optimal setting. Resources can be allocated/deallocated to match the energy and performance goals.

To address the security aspect, the researchers must suppose that the solution will coexist with the risks involved in all these technological advances and the threats. So any industrial project will have to consider, in its own design, the risk associated with Industrial cybersecurity.

Programme framework conditions: Collaborative project, single stage evaluation.

Deadline for expressions of interest: 31/03/17

Call deadline: 25/04/17

Project duration: 3 years

The Spanish SME is looking for companies and/or researchers with demonstrable experience in the development, configuration or adaptation of Integrated Development Environments (e.g. Eclipse, Net Beans, IntelliJ) and plugins for them.

Referència: RDES20170309002

Link: https://een.ec.europa.eu/tools/services/PRO/Profile/Detail/0907ddb2-9449-442f-8770-ea668136d722?shid=32db25cb-726f-43b0-8b5f-7742d0935799 

Per altra banda des de la Unitat de Valorització de la OITT us voldríem recordar la web de la plataforma Enterprise Europe Network d'Open Innovation. Aquesta plataforma permet veure Cerca de socis, demandes i ofertes de tecnologies 

Si voleu rebre al vostre correu aquestes ofertes i demandes personalitzades a la vostra temática, podeu donar-vos d'alta a través de: http://accio.gencat.cat/cat/innovacio-tecnologica/recursos-rd/cerca-socis-activitats-networking/consulteu-perfils-socis-tecnologics/index.jsp

Si us interessa alguna tecnologia podeu iniciar les converses, però recordeu guardar la confidencialitat i si heu d'entrar en detall realitzeu un conveni confidencialitat, a la Unitat de Valorització disposem de models en diferents idiomes. En cas que les converses fossin positives hauríeu de formalitzar-ho amb un conveni de recerca per tal de regular la recerca.

Finalment si el que voleu és fer ofertes tecnològiques de la vostra recerca, us agrairem que us poseu en contacte amb la Unitat de Valorització. valoritzacio@udg.edu

Per a més informació podeu contactar amb nosaltres a valoritzacio@udg.edu