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Recull de notícies

Recull de notícies

Iniciativa per Medicines Innovadores (IMI)

Tòpics indicatius per la 10a convocatòria

El Consorci públic-privat més gran en l’àmbit de les ciències de la vida, la Iniciativa per Medicines Innovadores (IMI), ha publicat la previsió dels tòpics per la 10a convocatòria programada per la tardor del 2016.

Els tòpics finalment aprovats seran comunicats després de l’aprovació del Comitè de Govern de la IMI.

  • Understanding hypoglycaemia: the underlying mechanisms and addressing clinical determinants as well as consequences for people with diabetes by combining databases from clinical trials (IndicativeTopic_hypglycaemia.pdf)
  • How big data could support better diagnosis and treatment outcomes for prostate cancer (IndicativeTopic_prostatecancer.pdf)
  • Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain (IndicativeTopic_pain.pdf)

    · A : Using patient reported outcome measures to improve the management of acute and chronic pain (PROMs)

    · B : Improving the translatability of pharmacodynamic biomarkers in pain pathways of healthy subjects and preclinical species (BIOM)

    · C: Improving translation in chronic pelvic pain (PCC)
  • Creation of a pan-European paediatric clinical trials network (IndicativeTopic_paediatrictrials.pdf)
  • Biomanufacturing 2020: Development of innovative high throughput analytical tools and methods to characterize cell culture fluid during development and commercial cell culture processes (IndicativeTopic_biomanufacturing.pdf)
  • Unlocking the solute carrier gene-family for effective new therapies (IndicativeTopic_solutecarrier.pdf)
  • Enhanced patient voice in medicines lifecycle (IndicativeTopic_patientvoice.pdf)
  • Precision medicines approaches in autism spectrum disorders (IndicativeTopic_autism.pdf)