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6è Seminari Internacional de Tàctica i Tècnica Esportiva



Pg. Mas Riera, 22. 

17820 Banyoles

Tel.: 972 57 64 93

correu dir.ceef@udg.es  

link UdG www.udg.edu/ceef  

Twitter @udgceef 

Secretari: Martí Pons




The Fourth International Seminar of Sports Tactics and Technique of the Sports and Physical Education Chair of the University of Girona intends to analyse, reflect and argue about the systems of play, the related aspects of collective tactics and the individual contributions to the collective systems. With this scope we have the presence of prestigious managers like Vicente Del Bosque, Sergio Scariolo, Manolo Montoya or Narcís Julià together with scholars and researchers how Daniel Memmert or Luis Miguel García López aiming to enrich sports training and the debate with both points of view.

The main purpose of this fourth edition is to explore from first hand the role of the systems of play used by prestigious coaches and managers as well as the aspects to take into account when implementing them. Additionally, we intend to analyse the role of the players into the collective structure with professional players like Jaume Comas or Narcís Julià.