II Congrés internacional sobre literatura i corrents territorials: els Jocs Florals




Universitat de Girona

ILCC-Càtedra de Patrimoni Literari

Pl. Ferrater Mora, 1

17004 - Girona




Girona, 5th and 6th of November 2019

The landscape phenomenon –in parallel with the language, the historical memory places and the community symbols and myths– is an important part of the national identity construction process that occur in Europe in the 19th century. Art and literature are fully involved in this process and are decisive in the creation of national symbolic spaces, which can become stereotypes of "national landscape", in opposition to other symbolic places.

During the 19th and 20th century, the Jocs Florals and the literary contests were one of the most effective ways to create a literary landscape. In this way, some physical spaces became places that our collective imagination now relates to the Catalan identity. Since the establishment of the Jocs Florals of Barcelona in 1859 and the gradual creation of cultural networks in the Catalan-speaking territories, the idealized, missed and claimed landscape got a highly symbolic, ideological and political value. Furthermore, the economic and political migratory movements caused this network to extend into the different territories of Europe and America, and that fact helped to consolidate that new value.

In order to collect all this knowledge, the conference will be dedicated to explore the history of cultural phenomena such as the Jocs Florals and the literary contests held in the 19th and 20th centuries. As so, the aim of this conference is to detect, establish and critically analyse the landscape elements that literature has transformed into symbols and myths of our national identity. The conference will be focused on the heritage of the physical spaces when they become literary landscapes and memory places for a cultural community.


The inaugural lecture of the II Conference about literature and territorial relationships will be given by Anne-Marie Thiesse

We kindly invite the members of the academic community to the II International Conference about literature and territorial relationships: the Jocs Florals (1859-1977), which will be hold in the Arts Faculty of the University of Girona, the 5th and 6th of November of 2019. If you are interested to participate, you should include your proposals on one of the following fields:

  • Cultural networks raised around the Jocs Florals
  • Symbolic and landscape elements of the Jocs Florals’s literature
  • Politics and Literature: the Jocs Florals in the face of dictatorship governments
  • The Jocs Florals and the construction of the national identity


Those interested in presenting a paper can send their proposals before the 8th of July of 2019 at patrimoni.literari@udg.edu. The documentation must include: title, authorship and academic membership, a resume of the communication with no more than 400 words and a small curriculum from the author or authors. Papers will only be accepted in Catalan, Spanish, French and English languages. The approval of the papers will be communicated to the authors the 15th of July, when the first public entry period will be held.


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Imatge: Carta comarcal de Catalunya de Norbert Font i Sagué, premiada als Jocs Florals de Barcelona l'any 1897. © Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya.