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Jornades d'Investigadors Predoctorals



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IV Jornades d'investigadors predoctorals

Aula M5-01

Facultat de Medicina (Campus Centre) 






• “Mindfulness” - Teresa Rodeja. Tuesday 14th of July from 2.30pm to 4.15pm

Experiential tasting designed to introduce Mindfulness to the UdG doctoral and master’s students. The workshop will be focused on the acquisition and development of resources and skills in the practice of Mindfulness.


🡪Know what Mindfulness is.

🡪Learning to observe and to be observed.

🡪Be aware of automatic thoughts.

🡪Incorporate conscious breathing patterns to manage stress.


🡪What is Mindfulness.

🡪Characteristics of Mindfulness.

🡪Mindfulness as a resource for daily life and stress management.

• “Research communication” -Miquel Duran (in English). Wednesday 15th of July from 4.20 pm to 6 pm

Science communication and dissemination is a key task of people devoted to science. Indeed, it is not at all easy to comunicate, disseminate, promote or vertebrate science, because scientific knowledge implies a reflection on the facts of Nature leading to possess curiosity enough to know about the laws of the universe and ask oneselves several questions like: Why are things this way? Why are things not this way? Why can't things be otherwise? What if...? Moreover, one must be able to answer a question placed by many people: So what ...?

Which are the reasons that we may find, justified indeed, to not communicate or disseminate science, especially using digital tools? For instance, those five: I don't have anything interesting to explain. I don't have money. I have neither time nor energy. I am not fluent digital tools. Nobody values me.

This session will deal with these subjects, which will be contextualized within post-COVID-19 society and considering especially young researchers, while commenting how open science is a tool and an attitude that facilitates social communication of science.