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Archivo de noticias

Kicking-off the "Viable Bacteria Quantification Kit" Cost Action project
Projecte Llavor - Producte (FEDER)

In the food industry, the presence of bacteria is a major safety concern because they can affect the product quality or even lead to health risks. It is known that an increased denstiy of living cells singificanlty increases the risk of biofilm formation and at the same tame viable cell density may indicate the release of living cells from biofilms attached in the closed circuit pipes.

This proposal is focused to develop an innovative technological product for the food industry hygiene sector which aims to quantify viable bacteria densities.

Specific objectives of this project are:

1) to carry out a strong calibration process (at standard conditions: pH 7, 20ºC), and;

2) to calibrate the colour chart outputs at different temperature and pH ranges that can be found in effluents from the food industry

3) to validate the kit in real samples of food industry effluents.

At this moment, the technology concept has already been formulated (TRL3) and this grant will allow to validate in the laboratory (TRL4) and in a relevant environment (TRL5).

This project is fundend by the Generalitat de Catalunya - Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR). Ajuts d'Indústria del Coneixement per a l'any 2019 (Llavor i Producte). Via FEDER funds from the European Union.

The project will end in 2021.


(“Aquest projecte ha estat cofinançat per la Unió Europea a través del Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional (FEDER)”.