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Archivo de noticias

Seminari: Advances in the conservation of the overexploited Mediterranean red coral Corallium rubrum
Cristina Linares mostrejant

La Facultat de Ciències de la UdG acull un seminari a càrrec de la Dra. Cristina Linares, investigadora del Departament de Biologia evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències ambientals i del Institut Recerca de la Biodiversitat de la Universitat de Barcelona.

Lloc: Sala de Graus, Facultat de Ciències
Hora: 12:30
Dia: 28/6/2019

Cristina Linares Prats Ramón y Cajal Researcher at the Department of Ecology, University of Barcelona. Her research focuses on the study of the structure and dynamics of coastal benthic communities and their response to global change. From the beginning of her scientific career, she has been involved in long-term biological monitoring in several Mediterranean Marine Reserves such as Medes Islands, Port-Cros National Park and Columbrete Islands among others. Currently, her main research topics are: 1) Population structure and dynamics of long-lived and structural species; 2) Response of benthic communities to disturbances (fishing, diving, climate change, invasive species, acidification); 3) The role of marine reserves in the conservation of coastal benthic communities; and 4) The development of demographic models for endangered species. She teaches courses at undergraduate and master level related to population ecology, marine ecology and marine reserves. Much of her time is spent supervising students, primarily at postgraduate level, and currently she is supervising two doctoral theses on the ecology and conservation of coral Cladocora caespitosa and the connectivity and resilience of Mediterranean gorgonians forests.