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Archivo de noticias

Members of the IEA/UdG started a MedPAN small project financed by Mava and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundations

Dr. Josep Lloret is the person in charge of the project to assess the complex links that exist between marine recreational activities taking place in Mediterranean MPAs and human health and wellbeing.

The final goal of the project is to increase awareness and to propose to relevant stakeholders new measures supporting the sustainable development of business in concordance with the protection of the marine environment and the preservation of human health. The project will consider the Natural Park of Cap de Creus in the Northwestern Catalan Sea as a case study, where we have amassed preliminary knowledge on that topic through the establishment of the new Chair “Oceans and Human Health”, which will also collaborate financially to the project. Results should support future innovation in a key EU Blue Growth sector that considers the marine ecosystem in the MPA of Cape Creus and the marine recreational activities carried out therein, and the wellbeing and health of citizens.

The project will capitalize on past and current projects dealing with the topic, and will consider the recreational activities in the coast and the sea as potential source of physical and mental health. Activities at sea such as fishing, swimming, yachting and scuba diving can be beneficial for the physical and mental health of people. In particular, the project will study the benefits of scuba diving to diver’s health and wellbeing thanks to a study in collaboration with scuba diving centers operating in Cap de Creus such as Poseidon Diving Centre (led by Boris Mörker) and the epidemiologist Dr. Mireia Gascon from ISGLOBAL in Barcelona.