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Instituto de Ecología Acuática

Archivo de noticias



Archivo de noticias

Some researchers of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology have started an Interreg EU Project called PHAROS4MPAs that aims to improve the management of human activities in Mediterranean marine protected areas

Dr. Josep Lloret and Mr. Arnau Carreño with work together with experts in tourism and fisheries science on the ecological and socioeconomic effects of leisure boating, scuba diving and recreational fishing in marine protected areas, and the links with artisanal fisheries.

The final goal of the project is to provide recommendations to MPA managers to solve the environmental problems, enhance social and economic sustainability and reduce conflicts among these stakeholders. The other partners of the project, coordinated by WWF France, will focus on aquaculture, offshore wind energy and cruises, as well as other human uses.

The IEA/UdG team will carry out a case study in the marine protected area of Cap de Creus in the northwestern Mediterranean.