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Archivo de noticias

Anna Freixa has won the 2nd prize of the Limnology Research awards
Anna Freixa

The Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL) rewards the best Iberian thesis

The Limnology Research awards highlight the best doctoral thesis about limnology written by a Spanish or Portuguese author or done in a Spanish or Portuguese university or research centre. The prize is given according to the novelty and interest of the thesis subject, the experimental design and methodology, and the presentation and formal aspects.

Among the 27 thesis presented during the biennium 2016-2017, the first prize has gone to Àlex Miró from CEAB-CSIC, for his thesis entitled “Fish as local stressors of Pyrenean high mountain lakes: arrival process and impact on amphibians and other organisms” and directed by Marc Ventura.

The AIL Directive Board also recognized with a second prize Anna Freixa, from the GRECO team (University of Girona) and Susana Pallarés, from the University of Murcia.

The thesis of Anna Freixa is entitled “Function and structure of river sediment communities: the role of organic matter utilization” and has been directed by Anna M. Romaní. We are very glad and proud of having such a promising researcher working hard among us during all these years.

Congratulations to you all and your advisors!

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