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Archivo de noticias

maig de 2019

Realtionships between parasitism an life-history traits
New paper out on the effects of parasitism on the reproduction and condition of a marine fish (Blue whiting)
High intensities of parasitic nematodes such as Anisakis sp. may compromise marine fish reproduction and condition through the energetic cost of the immune response
Fish and Fisheries
Effective monitoring of freshwater fish
Freshwater ecosystems constitute only a small fraction of the planet's water resources, yet support much of its diversity, with freshwater fish accounting for more species than birds, mammals, amphibians or reptiles. Fresh waters are, however, particularly vulnerable to anthropogenic impacts, including habitat loss, climate and land use change, pollution and biological invasions.
seminar WasserCluster Lunz
La Dra. Anna Romaní fa un seminari convidada al WasserCluster de Lunz, Àustria
"Biofilm ecology: structure, dynamics, actors and factors"

Thursday, May 16th, 15:00, WCL Seminar Room

More info:
Biodiversitat al SudEst Asiàtic
ISBC-SBE 2019 International Symposium
The Conservation and Sustainable use of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Symposium will take place from 12 to 14 of September 2019, in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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