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Institute of Aquatic Ecology



Institute of Aquatic Ecology

Campus de Montilivi mapa
M. Aurèlia Capmany 69
17003 Girona, Spain
Tel. +34 972 41 82 66
Fax +34 972 41 81 50
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Limnology section/GRECO

The Limnology Section of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology corresponds to the Research Group on Ecology of Inland Waters (GRECO), which mostly investigates on the following research areas:

1. Ecology and conservation of inland fish in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wetlands

2. Limnology of Mediterranean lagoons and wetlands

3. Stream ecology and ecotoxicology

4. Structure and functioning of freshwater communities and ecosystems

5. Response of freshwater ecosystems to climate change and other anthropogenic perturbations

6. Biological invasions in fresh waters: routes and vectors of introduction, life history and ecological impacts

7. Freshwater organisms as ecological indicators: algae, invertebrates, and fish

8. Conservation and management of freshwater ecosystems

9. Statistical Ecology

Please visit the GRECO website for detailed information on these research lines.