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Diatom Taxonomy and Ecology-Tools and Applications

Diatom Taxonomy and Ecology-Tools and Applications

Title Course: Diatom Taxonomy and Ecology – Tools and Applications

Workshop: “Looking for applications and constrains in the use of diatoms as ecological tools”

Institute responsible for organization University of Girona (Sergi Sabater)
Objectives - Establish the most accurate field sampling tools involving the work with diatoms in river systems

- Provide the basic definitions on the taxonomic and ecological role of diatoms in watercourses.

- Train the students in the diatom identification and counting

- Provide the appropriate tools to properly interpret the data – producing an ecological interpretation

- Define the suitability of diatom for the evaluation of geomorphological, nutrient, and chemical disturbances.

Contents It is planned to have a 4-days course and a 1-day workshop, both with experts in the field of ecology.

The course will include theoretical lessons and practical exercises in the field and in the lab with microscopes.

1) Methodology

2) Taxonomy (= Identification)

3) Application – how to couple with ecotoxicology


- 1st day- Field work: implementing the accurate collection and data measurement in the field. Sample digestion and mounting.

- 2nd day- morning- Introduction to diatom taxonomy and ecology; afternoon: - Diatom identification

- 3rd day- Diatom identification & counting

- 4th day- Data interpretation- Discussion of the data

- 5th day- Workshop

Background necessary -
Place University of Girona
Duration (h) 32h course (4d) + 8h (1d) workshop
ECT 2,5
Time 7th – 11th October 2007
Max number of participants 15