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Biomarkers and bioanalyties in environmental hazar

Biomarkers and bioanalyties in environmental hazar

Title Biomarkers and bioanalytics in environmental hazard assessment
Institute responsible for organization University of Bern (Helmut Segner)
Objectives To introduce students into

a) scopes and limits of biomarkers and bioassays in ecotoxicological site assessment (what kind of information can we obtain from these tools?, what problems are inherent to their use?, what are the “applicability domains?, etc); b) the methodology of biomarkers and bioassays

Contents The course is intended as a 4-day-course, including lectures, case study discussions, and practical training. The topics of the lectures will include:

1. Biomarkers – the principles
2. Biomarker analysis at the enzyme activity, protein and mRNA level
3. –omics as emerging technologies in environmental hazard assessment
4. Bioassays - principles and methods
5. Use of bioassays in bioassay-directed fractionation
6. Application of biomarkers and bioassays in environmental monitoring: rationale, sampling strategies, epidemiology and integration in weight-of-evidence approaches

Background necessary This course is thought as an introductory course, particularly for students coming from the ecological rather than toxicological field. Thus, a general biological background is sufficient
Place University of Bern, Switzerland
Duration (h) 4d
Time June, 2nd to 6th, 2008
Max number of participants 8