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Functional Ecology of Mediterranean Rivers

Functional Ecology of Mediterranean Rivers

Title Functional Ecology of Mediterranean Rivers (Postgraduate Training Programme: Basic and Applied Ecology)
Institute responsible for organization University of Girona (Sergi Sabater)
Objectives Provide the basic definitions on the functioning of stream and river systems. Emphasis is given on:

- Dynamics of dissolved and particulate organic matter in river systems

- Metabolism (production and respiration)

- The microbial compartment and its connection with other compartments

Contents 1-.Structural and functional elements in the stream..

2-. Arrival and dynamics of nutrients and organic materials

3.- Flux and arrival of particulate organic matter.

4.- Structure and function of biofilms

5.- Metabolism, in relation to the arrival of materials and its use by heterotrophs.


1-. Collection of hydrological, chemical and physiographical data in a stream.

2.- Activities of primary producers and heterotrophs in a stream. Laboratory and field approaches.

Background necessary Biology and hydrology; basic knowledge on limnology
Place University of Girona
Duration (h) -
ECTS 2.5
Time 7,14,21,28th Jan, 4th Feb, 15-18h; One day field sampling
Max number of participants 15