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Environmental law in the European Union

Environmental law in the European Union

Title Environmental law in the European Union (International Study Programme in Environmental Science and Forestry)
Institute responsible for organization University of Joensuu (Jussi Kukkonen)

Contact person and instructor: Mr. Tapani Pesonen, Researcher, Room 2080, Aurora II Building, tel: +358-13-251-4359, email:

Objectives Understanding the fundamentals of environmental law and policy with in the European Union.

Analysis of the historical development, the legal basis, and focal sectors of environmental law within the European Union. The competence of the Union and of the Member States is examined, as well as the impact of EU law on enactment and implementation of environmental laws on the national level.

Background necessary “Introduction to European and Finnish Environmental Law” or equivalent knowledge is recommended

Required literature:

Jans, J. H. 2000. European Environmental Law, Second Edition. Europa Law Publishing, Groningen, the Netherlands. 464 p.

Place University of Joensuu; The Faculty of Law, Economics, and Business Administration
Duration (h) -
Time Autumn 2007 or Spring 2008.
Max number of participants -