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Ecotoxicology in fluvial ecosystems

Ecotoxicology in fluvial ecosystems

Title Ecotoxicology in fluvial ecosystems (Postgraduate Training Programme: Basic and Applied Ecology)
Institute responsible for organization University of Girona (Helena Guasch)
Objectives This is a course in fluvial aquatic ecology focusing on an applied aspect: the effects of toxic substances on the biota. The main objective of the course is to show the theoretical basics and the main tools used to evaluate the effects of the presence of toxic substances on the fluvial ecosystem.
Contents The contents of this course include general theoretical aspects and practical sessions. The theoretical aspects include the basics of ecotoxicology in freshwater ecosystems and the scales of study (from molecules to ecosystems). The practical sessions are dedicated to the training of some methods used to evaluate the effects of toxicants on freshwater communities, focusing on the experimental design, linkage between field and laboratory experiments and data treatment.

- Introduction to Fluvial Ecotoxicology

- Organic pollutants

- Metals in the environment

- Effects of toxicants on microbial communities

- Effects of toxicants on invertebrates

- Experimental study of the effects of toxicants on periphyton

Background necessary Bachelor degree in biology, chemistry, environmental sciences or simila
Place University of Girona
Duration (h) 45h
ECTS 2.5
Time 4-9th February 2008
Max number of participants 20

Ecotox course program


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Introduction 1

Introduction 2

Introduction 3

Introduction 4

Organic pollutants 1

Organic pollutants 2

Orgnaic pollutants 3

Organic pollutants - case study

Metals 1

Metals 2

Metals 3

Biofilms 1

Biofilms 2

Biofilms 3

Invertebrates 1

Invertebrates 2