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Grup de recerca en Biodiversitat i recursos marins (GRMar)




Institut d'Ecologia Aquàtica

Campus de Montilivi mapa
M. Aurèlia Capmany 69
17003 Girona
Tel. 972419498 (intern)

Tel. 683240918

Marta Muñoz Frigola


The research group Marine Resources and Biodiversity (GR MAR) is the group GRCT0097 of the University of Girona (UdG) and is composed by researchers of the areas Animal Biology and Plant Biology of the Department of Environmental Sciences of the same university. This research is affiliated to the Institute of Aquatic Ecology (http://www2.udg.edu/iea). The group members belong to recognized research group SGR 1521 MedRECOVER.


GR MAR is a new and multidisciplinary group, with the research focused on the analysis of the impact of global change and other disturbances resulting from human activities on the marine biodiversity and resources, with the aim to contribute to their conservation


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Som notícia: "Un tros de plàstic pot alterar l'ecosistema d'un riu del Pirineu?"
El Diari de Girona d'avui 29 d'abril, recull una entrada sobre el nostre projecte europeu en marxa anomenat "Plastic0Pyr".
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Aparece el documento "Bibliografía sobre gestión y ecología de especies invasoras en España"
Desde la Red Temática sobre Invasiones Biológicas (InvaNET) hemos elaborado una bibliografía de casi 400 entradas sobre gestión y ecología de especies invasoras en España.
Graphical Abstract
Effects of reservoir cascades on diversity, distribution, and abundance of fish assemblages in three Neotropical basins
River systems are characterized by the existence of longitudinal processes structuring fish assemblages.
Cladocerans - Font: Wikipedia
Diel changes in vertical and horizontal distribution of cladocerans in two deep lakes during early and late summer
Temporal and spatial heterogeneity in the distribution of cladocerans in lakes could be caused by abiotic (wind, water currents) and biotic factors (reproduction, food resources, predation).
Editaton: Let's celebrate together the International Women's Day!
The Editaton is a collective effort from four Catalan Research Institutions: CEAB-CSIC, ICM-CSIC, ICRA and IEA-UdG.
Captura del primer butlletí electrònic.
Publiquen el primer butlletí del projecte "Girona, Regió Sensible a l'Aigua"
El projecte PECT “Girona, regió sensible a l’aigua” s’erigeix per fer front al risc quantitatiu i qualitatiu de les aigües del Baix Ter.
Graphical Abstract
Electro-bioremediation of nitrate and arsenite polluted groundwater
The coexistence of different pollutants in groundwater is a common threat. Sustainable and resilient technologies are required for their treatment.
Seminari virtual "L'espectacular viatge de l'anguila europea"
Amb motiu de la Nit de la Recerca 2020, el Dr. Lluís Zamora, membre de l’equip, ha elaborat aquest interessant document sobre una de les espècies de peixos més fascinants: l'anguila europea.

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Bacteria coated cathodes as an in‑situ hydrogen evolving platform for microbial electrosynthesis
Hydrogen is a key intermediate element in microbial electrosynthesis as a mediator of the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) into added value compounds.
Rutilus Rutilus (CC) Tierwelt
Key factors explaining critical swimming speed in freshwater fish: a review and statistical analysis for Iberian species
Swimming performance is a key feature that mediates fitness and survival in aquatic animals.

Dispersal, habitat selection, predator–prey interactions and reproduction are processes that depend on swimming capabilities.