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Diel changes in vertical and horizontal distribution of cladocerans in two deep lakes during early and late summer
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Temporal and spatial heterogeneity in the distribution of cladocerans in lakes could be caused by abiotic (wind, water currents) and biotic factors (reproduction, food resources, predation).

Diel horizontal and vertical distribution of cladoceran assemblages was studied in two deep lakes (Milada and Most Lakes, Czech Republic) in early (June) and late (September) summer. 

The objective was to study diel vertical migration (DVM) and diel horizontal migration (DHM) of cladocerans under conditions of different macrophyte cover in littoral areas (rich in Milada Lake, poor in Most Lake) and fish assemblages (non-specialised planktivorous species in Milada Lake, and abundant planktivorous fish - maraena whitefish, Coregonus maraena - in open water habitats in Most Lake). 

Temporal variations in cladoceran assemblages were reported in both lakes in the two sampling periods. 

DVM was observed in the two lakes, performed by the most vulnerable species to fish predation (the larger Daphnia spp.), but with different patterns (direct and reverse) probably linked with the local fish community and other biotic and abiotic factors in each lake. 

Horizontal movements were only observed in Most Lake: D. longispina increase its abundance in open waters at night compared to the littoral points; while Ceriodaphnia spp. showed the inverse pattern. 

In both lakes, higher densities were often found at night in surface layers, producing a great “diurnal deficit”: cladocerans remain undetected in some zones during the day (especially in the littoral areas) moving to surface layers at night.


Antón-Pardo, M.; Muška, M.; Jůzab Vejříková, J.I.; Vejřík, L.;Blabolil, P.; Čech, M.; Draštík, V.; Frouzová, J.; Holubová, M.; Říha, M.; Sajdlová, Z.; Šmejkal, M.; Peterka, J. (2021) Science of the Total Environment 751. In press.