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Editaton: Let's celebrate together the International Women's Day!

The Editaton is a collective effort from four Catalan Research Institutions: CEAB-CSIC, ICM-CSIC, ICRA and IEA-UdG.

Women scientists are less visible than their male counterparts. Only 16% of scientists' biography's on Wikipedia are about women and less than 20% of Wikipedia editors identify themselves as female or non binary. We invite everyone to join us for this informal event and close the knowledge gender gap on Wikipedia together!


The Editaton will take place on March 8th, from 10 am to 2 pm and will be virtual. All the information related to the event will be send to all participats by email.


When registering for the event, please select your preferred researcher and type of contribution. Contributions are:

  1. Creating a Wikipedia article from scratch
  2. Editing a current article to add information about her research
  3. Translating a current article to other languages