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Grup de recerca en Biodiversitat i recursos marins (GRMar)

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febrer de 2020

GR MAR attended the MedRecover anual meeting
We were more than 20 marine scientist gathered to share our latest advances and to discuss about future collaborative projects and joint efforts.
Xenia Frigola
Very happy with the new incorporation to the team: Xènia Frigola
Xènia Frigola is joining our team as a research technician analysing the relationship between parasitism and condition in sardine (Sardina pilchardus).
Cristina Galobart
Happy to welcome Cristina Galobart
We are happy to welcome Cristina Galobart who is joining GR MAR as a PhD Student.Her PhD thesis is about adaptation of conservation and restoration actions of marine forests dominated by species of the genus Cystoseira to future global change.
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