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Infancia, adolescencia, los derechos de los ni±os y su calidad de vida

Arxiu de notícies

Arxiu de notícies

Els investigadors Carme Montserrat i Ferran Casas publiquen els resultats de l'estudi europeu YIPPEE finançat pel 7PM de la UE amb la prestigiosa editorial Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Across Europe young people in public care are around five times less likely to attend tertiary education than those who have not been in care. This book offers an account of why this shocking discrepancy exists and outlines ways to address the imbalance. It examines the participation of youngsters in care in further and higher education in Europe.

Montserrat, C. & Casas, F. (2014). Stability and extended support. In S. Jackson and C. Cameron (Ed), Improving access to further and higher education for young people in public care. European policy and practice. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, pp. 178-214


  • Education and social inclusion
  • Welfare regimes and individual educational progression
  • Study design
  • England: a targeted approach / Hanan Hauari and Claire Cameron, Thomas Coram Research Unit, UK
  • Denmark: participation for all? / Inge M. Bryderup, Danish Pedagogical University, Denmark and Claire Cameron
  • Hungary: education and care in transition / Marta Korintus and Andrea Rácz, National Institute for Family and Social Policy, Hungary and Claire Cameron
  • Spain: stability and extended support / Carme Monserrat and Ferran Casas, Research Institute on Quality of Life, University of Girona, Spain, with Sonia Jackson
  • Sweden: a long and winding road / Helena Johansson and Ingrid Höjer, Department of Social Work, University of Göteborg, Sweden
  • Looking across countries
  • Finding a way forward.