Student Council


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Dear Students,

Many of who will ask: What is the Student Council? How did it begin? How was it started? Who is it composed of? What does it do? How can I participate?

This section and the links that follow it provide information about the Student Council, and an opportunity to voice and resolve any doubts you might have about it. They are meant to encourage student participation that will lead to further involvement in the UdG.


  • The Student Council was founded on 14 April 1993 by the first student members of the UdG University Senate. That student council was heir to the Student Coordinator of the former Estudi General of Girona and of the Delegació General d’Estudiants of the Polytechnic School, two previously existing centres forming part of the UAB and the UPC respectively.
  • The Student Council Regulations were adopted shortly after its founding, and are still in force, although a revision and updating is imminent.
  • The first coordinator of the Student Council was Albert Cortada, followed by Ricard Font, David Martí, Laia Tarragona, Oriol Pellicer, Josep Maria Aguirre, Josep Ribas i Coll, Pau Garcia CampderrósJordi Gasulla i Flavià and Àdam Bertran i Martínez, who served as acting coordinator for a few months before elections were held on 18 March 2010 and he was unanimously elected as the new Student Council coordinator.
  • Detailing the history of the Council is not any easy task. Although it has been in existence for 17 years and has accomplished a lot, it is unfortunate that many of those accomplishments have been forgotten over the years.
  • Nobody can deny that in 17 years the Council has helped create the University we have, and is working hard, day after day, so that in the future we will have the University we want.



Download more information (in Catalan): What does it do?  Who is it composed of?  How does it work?   
(Additional information in the Organisation Chart)