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Week-CoDaCourse 2016
04/07/2016 09:00
08/07/2016 13:00
University of Girona, EPS4 Building
Research Group on Compositional Data Analysis
The Week-CoDaCourse is an Open Seminar on Compositional Data Analysis that will be held in Girona from July 4 to 8, 2016. 

Compositional data are vectors which components show the relative importance of some parts of a whole. Typical examples are data presented in percentages, ppm, ppb, or the like.

This CoDaCourse provides an introduction to theoretical and practical aspects of the statistical analysis of compositional data, as well as an informal discussion forum on more advances topics. In the theoretical sessions, the current state of the art in this field will be presented. In the practical sessions, coda techniques are applied using the available software CoDaPack and some R packages. An open discussion session is also planned. We encourage you to bring your own data!!! An invited session about Robust Compositional data analysis will be imparted by Dr. K. Hron from Palacky University of Olomouc, Czech Republic. For this edition we have a new proposal, a hands-on session: with some outputs and specific questions related to a real data set, the participants will be invited to discuss, choose and build a reasoning applying Compositional Data methodology.

This course is organized by the Research Group on Compositional Data Analysis from the Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department of the University of Girona (UdG). The course is officially accredited by the International Association for Mathematical  Geosciences (IAMG). The teaching staff is composed by members of the research group on Compositional Data Analysis that includes professors from the University of Girona (UdG) and from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC).  Importantly, professors J.J Egozcue and Vera Pawlowksy-Glahn received the John Cedric Griffiths Teaching Award from the IAMG in 2016 and 2008, respectively.

Statisticians and applied scientists of any field, in particular engineering geologists, geologists, economics, scientists, environmental engineers, and bio&environmental scientists, working in academic or industrial institutions, are strongly encouraged to take the course. It is recommended that attendants have undergone some first semester courses on statistics, algebra and calculus. Basic knowledge about multivariate statistics may also be handy.

Registration fees:
Regular: 250€
Student: 150€
Late (June, 1st): 350€

You can find more information in the attached file or at our recently updated website