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Conferència “The future of small, life, everyday species, and their fate in a warmer more urban world (a focus on ants and other insects)” a càrrec de Rob Dunn

ROB DUNN és professor a la North Carolina State University, USA



Podeu visitar el seu blog http:// www.robdunnlab.com) o bé podeu fer un petit tast a:


Rob Dunn is an associate professor at Department of Biology at North Carolina State University where he works as a scientist (www.robdunnlab.com) and science writer (www.robrdunn.com). His first book, Every Living Thing, told the stories of the sometimes obsessive, occasionally mad, and always determined, biologists who have sought to discover the limits of the living world. His new book, The Wild Life of Our Bodies, explores how changes in our interactions with other species, be they the bacteria on our skin, forehead mites or tigers, have affected our health and well being. Rob's recent articles have appeared in Scientific American, Discover Magazine, Natural History Magazine, National Geographic and many other places. His current research focuses on the species that live on and around humans, whether in our belly buttons  www.wildlifeofyourbody.org) or bedrooms (www.yourwildlife.org). Rob is in Girona for a month working with Crisanto Gomez and Nuria Roura-Pasqual (as well as anyone else who so desires) before heading with his family on to Toulouse, Parma and then Croatia. Rob is visiting Girona with his wife, two children, and lots of microbes.