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Participació en congressos

Universitat de Girona Personal page of Dr. Josep Lloret Romañach
General information
Conference: NAFO NAFO/PICES/ICES Symposium Reproductive and Recruitment Processes of Exploited Marine Fish Stocks. Lisboa (PRT) 2007.
Title: Assistència
Author: Lloret, J.

Conferència invitada
Conference: Assises Mediterraneennes des Petites Iles. Conservatoire du Littoral. Six-Fours (FRA) 2009.
Title: Impact de la pêche de loisir et artisanale sur les espèces côtières au Parc Naturel du Cap de Creus
Author: Lloret, J.; Font, T.
Conference: Regional Serminar on Climate Change in the Mediterranean. UNEP-Plan Bleu. Marsella (FRA) 2008.
Title: Impact of climate change on fishery resources of the Mediterranean
Author: Lloret, J.
Conference: . Barcelona (ESP) 2006.
Title: Workshop sobre Arees Marines Protegides. Societat Catalana de Biologia -Institució Catalana d'Història Natural (ICHN-SCB).
Author: Lloret, J.
Conference: International Workshop on Mediterranean Biological Time Series (CIESM). Split (CRO) 2003.
Title: Use of box jenkins models to analyse time series of fishery data in relation to environmental factors in the NW Mediterranean
Author: Lloret, J.

Participació comitè organitzador
Conference: IX International Summer School on the Environment (ISSE 2009). Institut de Medi Ambient . Girona (ESP) 2009.
Title: Biodiversitat marina i salut humana
Author: Lloret, J.; Casadevall, M.

Conference: II World Congress Recreational Fisheries. Berlin (DEU) 2011.
Title: Impact of recreational fisheries on coastal resources in the MPA of Cap de Creus
Author: T. Font, J. Lloret

Conference: Climate Change Congress. Fisheries Society of the Brithis Islands (FSBI) Annual Symposia “Fish and Climate Change” . Belfast (ENG) 2010.
Title: Impact of WeMoi index on sardine and anchovy production in the NW Mediterranean
Author: Sabatés,A.; Martín, P.; Lloret, J.; Martín-Vide, J.
Conference: 1st Conference of the Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Network . Island of Porquerolles (FRA) 2007.
Title: Spear fishing in the natural park of Cap de Creus: biological and socioeconomic implications
Author: Lloret, J.; Zaragoza, N.; Caballero, D.; Riera, V.
Conference: European Symposium on MPAs as a tool for Fisheries Management & Ecosystem conservation. Murcia (ESP) 2007.
Title: The artisanal fishing yields produced under different environmental protection regulations in three areas in the NW Mediterranean: the Medes Islands Marine Reserve, the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, and the central Catalan Coast
Author: Martín, P.; Demestre, M.; Hernández, R.; Lloret, J.; Recasens, L.; Sacanell, M.; Sánchez, P.; Stelzenmüller, V.
Conference: 6th International Crustacean Congress. Glasgow (GBR) 2005.
Title: Reproduction and seasonal population structure of the red shrimp Aristeus antennatus in the North-Western Mediterranean
Author: Carbonell, A.; Lloret, J.; Demestre, M.
Conference: EurOcean 2004. Marine Institute (Ireland) & European Commission . Galway (IRL) 2004.
Title: Identification of essential fish habitats for commercial species in coastal and protected areas (NW Mediterranean). Effects of environmental and habitat characteristics on condition and reproduction of exploited marine fish populations
Author: Demestre, M.; Lloret, J.
Conference: 37th Congress Covering All Mediterranean Marine Sciences (CIESM). Barcelona (ESP) 2004.
Title: Habitat effects on total lipids of exploited fish in the NW Mediterranean
Author: Lloret, J.
Conference: Symposium an International Fisheries (SAP). Bergen-Norway (NOR) 2000.
Title: Shortcomings in fish stock assessment in the Mediterranean sea
Author: Lloret, J.; Lleonart, J.

Presentació comunicació
Conference: IX International Summer School on the Environment (ISSE 2009). Institut de Medi Ambient. Girona (ESP) 2009.
Title: Com evitar perdre el potencial que ens ofereix l’ecosistema bentònic marí
Author: Montserrat Demestre i Josep Lloret
Conference: 38th CIESM Congress. Istanbul (TUR) 2007.
Title: Condition of European hake (Merluccius merluccius L.) of the Balearic Islands: an approach for regimen shifts occurrence in the population
Author: Hidalgo, M.; Massutí, E.; Guijarro, B.; Oliver, P.; Moranta, J.; Ciannelli, L.; Lloret, J.
Conference: Fisheries Society of the British Isles. Annual International Symposium Fish Habitat and ecology. Exeter (GBR) 2007.
Title: The influence of habitat characteristics on the energy reserves of female spawners of red mullet (Mullus barbatus) in the Mediterranean sea
Author: Lloret, J.; Demestre, M.; Sánchez, J.
Conference: ICES Annual Science Conference. Aberdeen (GBR) 2005.
Title: Changes in essential life history traits of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) of Greenland over the past two decades
Author: Rätz, H.J.; Lloret, J.; Stransky, C.
Conference: ICES Symposium on The Influence of Climate Change on North Atlantic Fish Stocks. Bergen (NOR) 2004.
Title: Long-term variability of growth and recruitment of cod (Gadus morhua) off Greenland
Author: Rätz, H.J.; Lloret, J.
Conference: 133 Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society. Quebec (CAN) 2003.
Title: Fish Condition as an Indicator of Habitat Quality and the Effect of Reserve Protection in the Mediterranean
Author: Lloret, J.
Conference: II Rencontres de l'Ichtyologie en France (Société Française d'Ichtyologie). Paris (FRA) 2003.
Title: Utilisation des indices de condition comme indicateurs de la qualité des habitats des poissons exploitées en Méditerranée Nord-occidentale
Author: Lloret, J.
Conference: Mediterranean Symposium on Protected Marine and Coastal Areas.  (ESP) 2002.
Title: Marine protected areas to protect fisheries
Author: Lloret, J.
Conference: NAFO Symposium on Variations in maturation, growth, condition and spawning stock biomass production in groundfish; Northwest Atlantic Fisheries (NAFO).  (PRT) 1999.
Title: Variation in Growth and Recruitment of Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) off Greenland During the Second Half of the 20th. Century
Author: H.J. Rätz, M. Stein, J. Lloret

Presidència comitè organitzador
Conference: European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop. Faro (PRT) 2011.
Title: Coastal Fisheries: Integration Of Biological And Socioeconomic Aspects Of Artisanal And Recreational Fisheries For The Preservation Of Coastal Fishes
Author: J. Lloret, K. Erzini

Source of the data: System of information GREC