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    Yeimy Morales; Marta Tortajada; Jesús Picó; Josep Vehí; Francisco Llaneras  "Validation of an FBA model for Pichia pastoris in chemostat cultures."  BMC Systems Biology  8 (2014):  142-.
    M González-Martínez; A Folch-Fortuny; F Llaneras; M Tortajada; J Picó; A Ferrer  "Metabolic flux understanding of Pichia pastoris grown on heterogenous culture media."  Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems  134 (2014):  89-99.
    A Folch-Fortuny; M Tortajada; JM Prats-Montalbán; F Llaneras; J Picó; A Ferrer  "MCR-ALS on metabolic networks: Obtaining more meaningful pathways."  Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems   (2014):  -.
    Tortajada M; Llaneras F; Ramón D; Picó J.   "Estimation of recombinant protein production in Pichia pastoris based on a constraint-based model.."  Journal of Process Control  22 (2012):  1139-1151.
    Llaneras F; Sala A; Picó J.  "Dynamic estimations of metabolic fluxes with constraint-based models and possibility theory."  Journal of Process Control  22 (2012):  1946-1955.
    Tortajada M; Llaneras F; Picó J.  "Validation of a constraint-based model of Pichia pastoris growth under data scarcity."  BMC Systems Biology  4 (2010):  -.
    Llaneras F; Picó J.  "Which metabolic pathways generate and characterise the flux space? A comparison among elementary modes, extreme pathways and minimal generators."  Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology  2010 (2010):  -.
    Llaneras F; Sala A; Picó J.  "A possibilistic framework for metabolic flux analysis."  BMC Systems Biology  3 (2009):  -.
    Llaneras F; Picó J.  "Stoichiometric modelling of the cell metabolism.."  Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering   (2008):  -.
    Llaneras F; Picó J.  "A procedure for the estimation over time of metabolic fluxes in scenarios where measurements are uncertain and/or insufficient.."  BMC Bioinformatics  8 (2007):  -.
    Llaneras F; Picó J.  "An interval approach for dealing with flux distributions and elementary modes activity patterns."  Journal of Theoretical Biology   (2007):  -.



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