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    J. Ripoll; A. Avinyó; M. Pellicer; J. Saldaña  "Impact of density-dependent migration flows on epidemic outbreaks in heterogeneous metapopulations."  Physical Review E  92 (2015):  022809-1-022809-6.
    A. Avinyó; J. Solà-Morales, M. València  "A Singular initial value problem to conbstruct density equalizing maps ."  Journal Of Dynamics And Differential Equations  24 (2012):  51-59.
    A. Avinyó, J. Solà.Morales, M. València  "On the diffusion algorithm for density-equalizing mpas with piecewise constant initial data ."  Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences  35 (2012):  1234-1240.
    Albert Avinyó; Joan Solà-Morales, Marta València  "On maps with given jacobian involving the heat equation."  Journal Of Applied Mathematics and Physics (ZAMP)  54 (2003):  919-936.
    Albert Avinyó; Xavier Mora  "Geometric inequalities of Cheeger type for the first positive eigenvalue of the n-dimensional free membrane problem."  Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics  2 (1997):  133-140.
    Albert Avinyó  "Isometric constants and some lower bounds for the eigenvalues of the p-laplacian."  Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications  30 (1997):  177-180.
    Albert Avinyó; Xavier Mora  "Lower bounds of the Cheeger-Osserman type for the first eigenvalues of the n-dimensional fixed membrane problem."  Journal Of Applied Mathematics and Physics (ZAMP)  41 (1990):  426-430.



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