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Publicaciones en revistas

    Peñarrubia, L; Araguas, R.M; Vidal, O.; Pla, C.; Viñas, J.; Sanz, N.  "Genetic characterization of the Asian clam species complex (Corbicula) invasion in the Iberian Peninsula."  Hydrobiologia  784 (2017):  349-365.
    Yuanqin Zeng; David Díez-del-Molino; Oriol Vidal; Manuel Vera; Jose-Luis García-Marín  "Multiple paternity and reproduction opportunities for invasive mosquitofish."  Hydrobiologia  795 (2017):  139-151.
    Vidal O; Drögemüller C; Obexer-Ruff G; Reber I; Jordana J; Martínez A; Bâlteanu VA; Delgado JV; Eghbalsaied S; Landi V; Goyache F; Traoré A; Pazzola M; Vacca GM; Badaoui B; Pilla F; D'Andrea M; Álvarez I; Capote J; Sharaf A;   "Differential distribution of Y-chromosome haplotypes in Swiss and Southern European goat breeds.."  Scientific Reports  7 (2017):  16161-.
    Díez-del-Molino, D; Araguas, R.M; Vera, M; Vidal, O; Sanz, N; García-Marín, J.L.  "Temporal genetic dynamics among mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) populations in invaded watersheds."  Biological Invasions  18 (2016):  841-855.
    Peñarrubia, L; Vidal, O; Viñas, J.; Pla, C.; Sanz, N.  "Genetic characterization of the invasive zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) in the Iberian Peninsula."  Hydrobiologia  779 (2016):  227-242.
    Peñarrubia Lozano, Luis; Alcaraz Cazorla, Carles; Vaate, Abraham bij de; Sanz Ball-llosera, Núria; Pla Zanuy, Carles; Vidal Fàbrega, Oriol; Viñas de Puig, Jordi  "Validated methodology for quantifying infestation levels of dreissenid mussels in environmental DNA (eDNA) samples."  Scientific Reports  6 (2016):  -.
    Manunza A; Cardoso TF; Noce A; Martínez A; Pons A; Bermejo LA; Landi V; Sànchez A; Jordana J; Delgado JV; Adán S; Capote J; Vidal O; Ugarte E; Arranz JJ; Calvo JH; Casellas J; Amills M  "Population structure of eleven Spanish ovine breeds and detection of selective sweeps with BayeScan and hapFLK."  Scientific Reports  6 (2016):  -.
    Martínez A; Manunza A; Delgado JV; Landi V; Adebambo A; Ismaila M; Capote J; El Ouni M; Elbeltagy A; Abushady AM; Galal S; Ferrando A; Gómez M; Pons A; Badaoui B; Jordana J; Vidal O; Amills M.  "Detecting the existence of gene flow between Spanish and North African goats through a coalescent approach."  Scientific Reports  6 (2016):  -.
    L. Peñarrubia; R.M. Araguas; C. Pla; N. Sanz; J. Viñas; O. Vidal  "Identification of 246 microsatellites in the Asiatic clam (Corbicula fluminea)."  Conservation Genetics Resources  7 (2015):  393-395.
    Sanz, Nuria; Araguas, Rosa M.; Vidal, Oriol; Viñas, Jordi  "Glacial refuges for three-spined stickleback in the Iberian Peninsula: mitochondrial DNA phylogeography."  Freshwater Biology  60 (2015):  1794-1809.
    Penarrubia, Luis; Sanz, Nuria; Pla, Carles; Vidal, Oriol; Viñas, Jordi  "Using Massive Parallel Sequencing for the Development, Validation, and Application of Population Genetics Markers in the Invasive Bivalve Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha).."  PLoS One  10 (2015):  e0120732-.
    Ferrando A; Manunza A; Jordana J; Capote J; Pons A; Pais J; Delgado T; Atoche P; Cabrera B; Martínez A; Landi V; Delgado JV; Argüello A; Vidal O; Lalueza-Fox C; Ramírez O; Amills M.  "A mitochondrial analysis reveals distinct founder effect signatures in Canarian and Balearic goats.."  Animal Genetics  46 (2015):  452-456.
    B. Badaoui; A. Manunza; A. Castelló; M. D'Andrea; F. Pilla; J. Capote; J. Jordana; A. Ferrando; A. Martínez; B. Cabrera; J.V. Delgado; V. Landi; M. Gómez; A. Pons; M. El Ouni; O. Vidal; M. Amills.  "Advantages and limitations of authenticating Palmera goat dairy products by pyrosequencing the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene.."  Journal of Dairy Science  97 (2014):  7293-7297.
    Sanz, N.; Araguas, R.M.; Vidal, O.; Diez-del-Molino, D.; Fernández-Cebrián, R.; García-Marín, J.L.  "Genetic characterization of the invasive mosquitofish (Gambusia spp.) introduced to Europe: population structure and colonization routes."  Biological Invasions  15 (2013):  23333-2346.
    Diez-del-Molino D, Carmona-Catot G, Araguas RM, Vidal O, Sanz N, Garcia-Berthou E, García-Marin JL  "Gene flow and maintenance of genetic diversity in invasive mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki). ."  PLoS One  8 (2013):  -.
    J. Casellas; O. Vidal; R.N. Pena; D. Gallardo; A. Manunza; R. Quintanilla; M. Amills  "Genetics of serum and muscle lipids in pigs.."  Animal Genetics  44 (2013):  609-619.
    O. Vidal; N. Sanz; R.M. Araguas; R. Fernández-Cebrian; D. Diez-del-Molino; José-Luis García-Marín  "SNP diversity in introduced populations of the invasive Gambusia holbrooki ."  Ecology of Freshwater Fish  21 (2012):  100-108.
    R.M. Araguas; O. Vidal; C. Pla; N. Sanz  "High genetic diversity of the endangered Iberian three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) at the Mediterranean edge of its range ."  Freshwater Biology  57 (2012):  143-154.
    A. Clop; O. Vidal; M. Amills  "Copy number variation in the genomes of domestic animals."  Animal Genetics  43 (2012):  503-517.
    A. Martínez; A. Ferrando; A. Manunza; M. Gómez; V. Landi; J. Jordana; J. Capote; B. Badaoui; O. Vidal; J.V. Delgado; M. Amills  "Inferring the demographic history of a highly endangered goat breed."  Small Ruminant Research  104 (2012):  78-84.
    B. Badaoui; A. Manunza; M. D’Andrea; F. Pilla; J. Capote; J. Jordana; A. Ferrando; A. Martínez; J.V. Delgado; V. Landi; M. Gómez; A. Pons; M. El Ouni; O. Vidal; M. Amills  "Identification of c.483C>T polymorphism in the caprine tyrosinase-related protein 1 (TYRP1) gene ."  Italian Journal Of Animal Science  11 (2012):  63-67.
    B. Badaoui; M. D'Andrea; F. Pilla; J. Capote; A. Zidi; J. Jordana; A. Ferrando; J.V. Delgado; A. Martínez; O. Vidal; M. Amills  "Polymorphism of the goat Agouti Signaling Protein gene and its relationship with coat color in Italian and Spanish breeds ."  Biochemical Genetics  49 (2011):  523-532.
    Vidal O, Garcia-Marin JL  "Ecological genetics of freshwater fish: short review of the genotype-phenotype connection ."  Animal Biodiversity and Conservation  32 (2011):  309-317.
    Vidal Fàbrega, O.; García-Berthou, E.; Tedesco, P.A.; García-Marín, J.L.  "Origin and genetic diversity of mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) introduced to Europe ."  Biological Invasions  12 (2010):  841-851.
    Vidal, O; Araguas, R.M; Fernández, R; Heras, S; Sanz, N; Pla, C.  "Melanism in guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) is associated with a deletion of Phenylalanine-256 in the MC1R gene ."  Animal Genetics  41 (2010):  656-658.
    Viñas, J. Pérez-Serra, A. Vidal, O. Alvarado-Bremer, J. A. Pla, C.  "Genetic differentiation between eastern and western Mediterranean swordfish revealed by phylogeographic analysis of the mitochondrial DNA control region ."  ICES Journal of Marine Science  67 (2010):  1222-1229.
    O. Vidal; A. Pérez-Serra; C. Pla  "A sex determination protocol for the Iberian desman, Galemys pyrenaicus, in non-invasive samples using an amplification of DBX/DBY regions with three primers. ."  Conservation Genetics  11 (2010):  1185-1187.
    Zidi, A. ; Amills, Marcel ; Tomás, A. ; Vidal Fàbrega, Oriol ; Ramírez, O. ; Carrizosa, J. ; Urrutia, B. ; Serradilla, J.M. ; Clop, A  "Short communication: Genetic variability in the predicted microRNA target sites of caprine casein genes."  Journal of Dairy Science  93 (2010):  1749-1753.
    O. Vidal; J. Viñas; C. Pla  "Variability of the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene explains the segregation of the bronze locus in turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)."  Poultry Science  89 (2010):  1599-1602.
    J. Pareja-Gómez; N.Zaninovic; O.Vidal; Z.Rosenwaks  "Extended in vitro culture of human embryonic stem cells in standardized conditions promotes the acquisition of oncogenic genomic alterations."  Human Reproduction  24 (2009):  i69-.
    Protas, M.; Tabansky, I.; Conrad, M.; Gross, J.B.; Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Tabin, C.J.; Borowsky, R.  "Multi-trait evolution in a cave fish, Astyanax mexicanus ."  Evolution and Development  10 (2008):  196-209.
    Villalba, D.; Tor, M.; Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Bosch, Ll.; Reixach, J.; Amills, M.; Sànchez, A.; Estany, J.  "An age-dependent association between a leptin C3469T single nucleotide polymorphism and intramuscular fat content in pigs ."  Livestock Science  121 (2008):  335-338.
    Amills, M.; Ramírez, O.; Tomàs, A.; Obexer-Ruff, G.; Vidal Fàbrega, O.  "Positive selection on mammalian MHC-DQ genes revisited from a multispecies perspective ."  Genes and Immunity  9 (2008):  651-658.
    Gross, J.B.; Protas, M.; Conrad, M.; Scheid, P.E.; Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Jeffery, W.R.; Borowsky, R.; Tabin, C.J.  "Synteny and candidate gene prediction using an anchored linkage map of Astyanax mexicanus ."  PNAS  105 (2008):  20106-20111.
    Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Sànchez, A.; Amills, M.; Noguera, J.L.  "Nucleotide sequence and polymorphism of the pig acyl coenzyme A synthetase long-chain 1 (ACSL1) gene ."  Animal Biotechnology  18 (2007):  117-122.
    Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Varona, L.; Oliver, M.A.; Noguera, J.L.; Sànchez, A.; Amills, M.  "Malic enzyme 1 genotype is associated with backfat thickness and meat quality traits in pigs ."  Animal Genetics  37 (2006):  28-32.
    Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Noguera, J.L.; Amills, M.; Varona, L.; Gil, M.; Jiménez, N,; Dávalos, G.; Folch, J.M.; Sànchez, A.  "Identification of carcass and meat quality QTL in a Landrace pig population selected for growth and leanness."  Journal of Animal Science  83 (2005):  293-300.
    Varona, L.; Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Quintanilla, R.; Gil, M.; Sanchez, A.; Folch, J.M.; Hortos, M.; Rius, M.A.; Amills, M.; Noguera, J.L.  "Bayesian analysis of quantitative trait loci for boar taint in a Landrace outbred population ."  Journal of Animal Science  83 (2005):  301-307.
    Amills, M.; Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Varona, L.; Tomàs, A.; Sànchez, A.; Noguera, J.L.   "Polymorphism of the pig 2,4-dienoyl CoA reductase 1 gene (DECR1) and its association with carcass and meat quality traits1 ."  Journal of Animal Science  83 (2005):  493-498.
    Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Amills, M.  "Assignment of the fatty acid Coenzyme A ligase, long chain 2 (FACL2) gene to porcine chromosome 15 ."  Animal Genetics  35 (2004):  245-245.
    Evans, G.J.; Giuffra, E.; Sanchez, A.; Kerje, S.; Dávalos, G.; Vidal Fàbrega, O.; Illan, S.; Noguera, J.L.; Varona, L.; Velander, I.; Southwood, O.I.; de Koning, D.J.; Haley, C.S.; Plastow, G.S.; Andersson, L.  "Identification of quantitative trait loci for production traits in commercial pig populations."  Genetics  164 (2003):  621-627.
    G. Dávalos, A. Sánchez, O. Vidal, J. L. Noguera, M. Amills.  "Structural characterization of the porcine pyruvate carboxylase (PC) gene."  Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics-Zeitschrift für Tierzuchtung und Zuchtungsbiologie   (2003):  338-345.



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