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    Kyriacou, Andreas; Leonel Muinelo-Gallo; Oriol Roca-Sagalés  "Regional Inequalities, Fiscal Decentralization and Government Quality."  Regional Studies  51 (2017):  945-957.
    Laia Maynou; Marc Saez; Andreas Kyriacou; Jordi Bacaria  "The Impact of Structural and Cohesion Funds on Eurozone Convergence (1990-2010)."  Regional Studies  50 (2016):  1127-1139.
    Kyriacou, Andreas  "Individualism-Collectivism, Governance and Economic Development."  European Journal of Political Economy  42 (2016):  91-104.
    Heller, William B.; Kyriacou, Andreas P.; Roca-Sagalés, Oriol  "Institutional Checks and Corruption: The Effect of Formal Agenda Access on Governance."  European Journal of Political Research  55 (2016):  681-701.
    Kyriacou, Andreas; Muinelo-Gallo, Leonel; Roca-Sagalés, Oriol  "Fiscal decentralization and regional disparities: The importance of good governance."  Papers in Regional Science  94 (2015):  89-107.
    Kyriacou, Andreas; López, Francisco José  "Inequality and Culture in a Cross-Section of Countries."  Journal Of Institutional Economics  11 (2015):  141-166.
    Kyriacou, Andreas; Morral-Palacín, Noemí  "Secessionism and the Quality of Government: Evidence from a Sample of OECD Countries."  Territory, Politics, Governance  3 (2015):  187-204.
    Kyriacou, Andreas ; López, Francisco José  "An Examination of the Long-term Determinants of Constitutional Endurance: Geography, Diversity and Historical Legacies."  Journal Of Institutional And Theoretical Economics-Zeitschrift Fur Die Gesamte Staatswissenschaft  171 (2015):  432-455.
    Kyriacou, Andreas; Muinelo-Gallo, Leonel; Roca-Sagalés, Oriol  "Construction Corrupts: Empirical Evidence from a Panel of 42 Countries."  Public Choice  165 (2015):  123-145.
    Andreas P. Kyriacou, Oriol Roca-Sagalés  "Regional Disparities and Government Quality: Redistributive Conflict Crowds Out Good Government."  Spatial Economic Analysis  9 (2014):  183-201.
    Kyriacou, Andreas; Morral-Palacín, Noemí  "Regional Inequalities and the Electoral Success of Regional Parties: Evidence from the OECD ."  Publius: The Journal of Federalism  45 (2014):  3-23.
    Andreas P. Kyriacou  "Ethnic Group Inequalities and Governance: Evidence from Developing Countries."  Kyklos  66 (2013):  78-101.
    Kyriacou, Andreas ; Roca, Oriol  "The Impact of EU Structural Funds on Regional Disparities within Member States ."  Environment and Planning C-Government and Policy  30 (2012):  267-281.
    Kyriacou, Andreas  "Beliefs About the Determinants of Success and Employment Protection ."  Economics Letters  116 (2012):  31-33.
    Kyriacou, Andreas  "Ethnic Segregation and the Quality of Government: The Importance of Regional Diversity ."  Constitutional Political Economy  23 (2012):  166-180.
    Kyriacou, Andreas ; Roca, Oriol  "Fiscal and Political Decentralization and Government Quality ."  Environment and Planning C-Government and Policy  29 (2011):  204-223.
    Kyriacou, Andreas  "Rational Irrationality and Group Size: The Effect of Biased Beliefs on Individual Contributions towards Collective Goods ."  American Journal of Economics and Sociology  70 (2011):  109-130.
    Kyriacou, Andreas ; Roca, Oriol   "Fiscal Decentralization and Government Quality in the OECD ."  Economics Letters  111 (2011):  191-193.
    Andreas Kyriacou  "Intrinsic Motivation and the Logic of Collective Action: The Impact of Selective Incentives ."  American Journal of Economics and Sociology  69 (2010):  823-839.
    Kyriacou, Andreas  "Decisions Rules, Membership and Political Centralization in the European Union ."  European Journal of Law and Economics  27 (2009):  143-158.
    Kyriacou, Andreas ; Roca, Oriol  "Fiscal Decentralization and the Quality of Government: Evidence from Panel Data ."  Hacienda Pública Española  189 (2009):  131-156.
    Kyriacou, Andreas  "Property Rights and the Cyprus Problem: Insights from Economics and Social Psychology."  Cyprus Review  21 (2009):  193-198.
    Andreas Kyriacou  "Functional, Overlapping and Competing Jurisdictions and Ethnic Conflict Management ."  Kyklos  59 (2006):  63-83.
    Kyriacou, A.P.  "Rationality, Ethnicity and Institutions: A Survey of Issues and Results ."  Journal of Economic Surveys  19 (2005):  23-42.
    Kyriacou, Andreas  "Economic Integration, Legitimacy and European Union Enlargement."  Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice  23 (2004):  183-195.
    Kyriacou, A.P.; Congleton, R.; Bacaria, J.  "A theory of menu federalism: Decentralization by political agreement ."  Constitutional Political Economy  14 (2003):  167-190.
    Kyriacou, A.P.  "On the viability of potentially divided multi-ethnic states ."  Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice  19 (2001):  39-53.
    Kyriacou, A.P.  "A just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem: In search of institutional viability ."  Mediterranean Politics  5 (2000):  54-75.
    Kyriacou, A.P.  "An ethnically based federal and bicameral system: The case of Cyprus ."  International Review of Law and Economics  20 (2000):  251-268.
    Kyriacou, A.P.  "A viable solution to the Cyprus problem in the context of European Union accession ."  Cyprus Review  12 (2000):  35-59.


    Article de divulgació
    Kyriacou, A.P.; Roca, O.  "New exporters of Catalonia programme (NEX)."  Barcelona Management Review  15 (2000):  88-95.
    Kyriacou, Andreas ; Bacaria, Jordi  "L’Agenda 2000: Una proposta de la Comissió Europea per una Europa més forta i ampliada ."  Nota d'Economia  61 (1998):  23-32.
    Kyriacou, Andreas ; Roca, Oriol  "Avaluació ex-post de l’objectiu 2 dels fons estructurals europeus a Catalunya."  Nota d'Economia  60 (1998):  35-42.
    Kyriacou, Andreas; Bacaria, Jordi  "Mancur Olson: El Teòric de l’Acció Col•lectiva."  Revista Economica de Catalunya  35 (1998):  155-157.


    Article pendent de publicació
    Andreas Kyriacou, Leonel Muinelo-Gallo, Oriol Roca-Sagalés  "Redistributive efficiency in 28 developed economies."  Journal of European Social Policy   (2017):  -.


    Notes breus
    Kyriacou, Andreas  "A Comment on Müller's 'Unveiling of the Veil of Uncertainty ."  Constitutional Political Economy  9 (1998):  339-343.


    Review (Ressenyes i Recensions)
    Kyriacou, Andreas  "Review of George Akerlof and Rachel Kranton, Identity Economics: How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-being. Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press ."  Public Choice  145 (2010):  325-328.



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