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Universitat de Girona Plana personal de la Dra. Laura Garcia Taberner
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  • 616246912 (mòbil), 9371 (intern)
    Campus Montilivi
    17003 - GIRONA
    Despatx: 203

Publicacions en revistes

    Barrabés, E; Cors, J.M; Garcia-Taberner, L.; Ollé, M.  "Tails and bridges in the parabolic restricted three-body problem."  Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society  472 (2017):  2554-2568.
    Barrabés, E; Garcia-Taberner, L.; Gómez, G.  "A note on transfers from LEOs to GEOs visiting libration points of the Sun-Earth CRTBP."  Advances in Space Research  57 (2016):  938-947.
    Garcia-Taberner, L; Masdemont, J. J  "An Adaptive remeshing procedure for proximity maneuvering spacecraft formations."  Mathematical Problems in Engineering  2012 (2012):  -.
    Garcia-Taberner, L. ; Masdemont, J. J.  "FEFF methodology for spacecraft formations reconfiguration in the vicinity of libration points."  Acta Astronautica  67 (2010):  810-817.
    Garcia Taberner, L.; Masdemont, J.J.  "Optimal Reconfiguration of Spacecraft Formations Using a Variational Numerical Method."  Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory  6 (2006):  343-352.


    Garcia Taberner, L.; Masdemont, J.J.  "Maneuvering Spacecraft Formations using a Dynamically Adapted Finite Element Methodology."  Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics  32 (2009):  1585-1597.
    Garcia Taberner, L.; Masdemont, J.J.  "A Methodology Unifying Bang-Bang Controls and Low-thrust Trajectories for the Reconfiguration of Spacecraft Formations."  Advances in the Astronautical Sciences  129 (2008):  709-720.



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