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    Bagudanch, I.; Vives-Mestres, M.; Sabater, M.; Garcia-Romeu, M.L.  "Polymer incremental sheet forming process: temperature analysis using response surface methodology."  Materials and Manufacturing Processes  32 (2017):  44-53.
    Palomeras, Sònia; Rabionet Díaz, Marc; Ferrer Real, Inés; Sarrats Carbó, Ariadna; Garcia-Romeu, Maria Luisa; Puig i Miquel, Teresa; Ciurana, Quim de  "Breast Cancer Stem Cell Culture and Enrichment Using Poly(ε-Caprolactone) Scaffolds."  Molecules  21 (2016):  537-.
    Bagudanch, I.; Garcia-Romeu, M.L.; Centeno, G.; Elias-Zúñiga, A.; Ciurana, J.  "Forming force and temperature effects on single point incrementalforming of polyvinylchloride."  Journal of Materials Processing Technology  219 (2015):  221-229.
    Bagudanch, I.; Garcia-Romeu, M.L.; Sabater, M.  "Incremental forming of polymers: Process parameters selection from the perspective of electric energy consumption and cost."  Journal of Cleaner Production  112 (2015):  1013-1024.
    Bagudanch, I.; Lozano-Sánchez, L.M.; Puigpinós, L.; Sabater, M.; Elizalde, L.E.; Elías-Zúñiga, A.; Garcia-Romeu, M.L.  "Manufacturing of polymeric biocompatible cranial geometry by single point incremental forming."  Procedia Engineering  132 (2015):  267-273.
    Elías-Zúñiga, A.; Baylón, K.; Ferrer, I.; Serenó, L.; García-Romeu, M.L.; Bagudanch, I.; Grabalosa, J.; Pérez-Recio, T.; Martínez-Romero, O.; Ortega-Lara, W.; Elizalde, L.E.  "On the rule of mixtures for predicting stress-softening and residual strain effects in biological tissues and biocompatible materials ."  Materials  7 (2014):  441-456.
    G. Centeno; I. Bagudanch; A.J. Martínez-Donaire; M.L. Garcia-Romeu; C. Vallellano  "Critical analysis of necking and fracture limit strains and forming forces in single-point incremental forming."  Materials and Design  63 (2014):  20-29.
    I. Bagudanch; O. Martínez-Romero; A. Elías-Zúñiga; M.L. Garcia-Romeu  "Identifying polymeric constitutive equations for incremental sheet forming modelling."  Procedia Engineering  81 (2014):  2292-2297.
    O. Martínez-Romero; M.L. Garcia-Romeu; D. Olvera-Trejo; I. Bagudanch; A. Elías-Zúñiga  "Tool dynamics during single point incremental forming process."  Procedia Engineering  81 (2014):  2286-2291.
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    Soria, M.; Bagudanch, I.; Garcia-Romeu, M.L.; Perez-Santiago, R.; Masqué, S.; Ribatallada, J.; Guillaumet, J.; Ardanuy, J.; Poch, R.  "Numerical approach of ROBOSTAMP: a new metal forming technology based on the use of industrial robots.."  Steel Research International   (2012):  311-314.
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    Sabater, M.; Garcia-Romeu, M.L.; Ciurana, J.  "Input parameters determination for predicting ram speed and billet temperature for the first billet
    ."  Key Engineering Materials  367 (2008):  161-168.
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    Ciurana, J.; Garcia-Romeu, M.L.; De Castro, R.  "Optimising process planning using groups of precedence between operations based on machined volumes ."  Engineering Computations  20 (2003):  67-82.



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