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    Renart, J.; Vicens, J.; Budhe, S.; Rodríguez-Bellido, A.; Comas, J.; Mayugo, J.A.; Costa, J.  "An automated methodology for mode II delamination tests under fatigue loading based on the real time monitoring of the specimen's compliance."  International Journal of Fatigue  82 (2016):  634-642.
    N. Isart;J.A. Mayugo;N. Blanco;L. Ripoll;A. Sola;M. Soler  "Geometric model for 3D through-thickness orthogonal interlock composites."  Composite Structures  119 (2015):  787-798.
    Isart Valle, Nativitat; El Said, B.; Ivanov, D.S.; Hallett, S.R.; Mayugo Majó, Joan Andreu; Blanco Villaverde, Norbert  "Internal geometric modelling of 3D woven composites: A comparison between different approaches."  Composite Structures  132 (2015):  1219-1230.
    Falco, O.; Mayugo, J.A.; Lopes, C.S.; Gascons, N.; Turon, A.; Costa, J.  "Variable-stiffness composite panels: As-manufactured modeling and its influence on the failure behavior ."  Composites. Part B, Engineering  56 (2014):  660-669.
    S. Budhe, A. Rodríguez-Bellido, J. Renart, J.A. Mayugo, J. Costa  "Influence of pre-bond moisture in the adherents on the fracture toughness of bonded joints for composite repairs ."  International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives  49 (2014):  80-89.
    Falco, O.; Mayugo, J.A.; Lopes, C.S.; Gascons, N.; Costa, J.  "Variable-stiffness composite panels: Defect tolerance under in-plane tensile loading."  Composites. Part A, Applied science and manufacturing  63 (2014):  21-31.
    G. Guillamet; A. Turon; J. Costa; J. Renart; P. Linde; J.A. Mayugo  "Damage occurrence at edges of Non-crimp-fabric thin-ply laminates under off-axis uniaxial loading."  Composites Science and Technology  98 (2014):  44-50.
    Falco, O.; Lopes, C.S.; Mayugo, J.A. ; Gascons, N.; Renart, J.  "Effect of tow-drop gaps on the damage resistance and tolerance of Variable-Stiffness Panels."  Composite Structures  116 (2014):  94-103.
    T.A. Sebaey; J. Costa; P. Maimí; Y. Batista; N. Blanco; J.A. Mayugo  "Measurement of the in situ transverse tensile strength of composite plies by means of the real time monitoring of microcracking."  Composites. Part B, Engineering  65 (2014):  40-46.
    P. Badalló; D. Trias; L. Marín; J.A. Mayugo   "A comparative study of genetic algorithms for the multi-objective optimization of composite stringers under compression loads."  Composites. Part B, Engineering  47 (2013):  130-136.
    Sans, D.; Renart, J.; Costa, J.; Gascons, N.; Mayugo, J.A.  "Assessment of the influence of the crack monitoring method in interlaminar fatigue tests using fiber Bragg grating sensors ."  Composites Science and Technology  84 (2013):  44-50.
    Sebaey, T.A.; Lopes, C.S.; Blanco, N.; Mayugo, J.A. ; Costa, J.  "Two-pheromone ant colony optimization to design dispersed laminates for aeronautical structural applications."  Advances in Engineering Software  66 (2013):  10-18.
    Gascons,M.; Blanco,N.; Mayugo,J.A.; Matthys,K.  "A strategy to support design processes for fibre reinforced thermoset composite materials ."  Applied Composite Materials  19 (2012):  297-314.
    Gutiérrez J.M.; Barbero, E.J.; Cairns, D.R.; Mucino, V.H.; Mayugo, J.A  "Dynamic roughness and power dissipation of polymer films actuated with liquid crystal polymer inclusions."  Smart Materials and Structures  21 (2012):  Art. n.015003 -.
    Marín Hernández, Lorena; Trias Mansilla, Daniel; Badalló i Cañellas, Pere; Mayugo Majó, Joan Andreu  "Optimization of composite stiffened panels under mechanical and hygrothermal loads using neural networks and genetic algorithms ."  Composite Structures  94 (2012):  3321-3326.
    D. Sans; S. Stutz; J. Renart; J.A. Mayugo; J. Botsis  "Crack tip identification with long FBG sensors in mixed-mode delamination."  Composite Structures  94 (2012):  2879-2887.
    González, Emilio V.; Maimí, P.; Camanho, P.P.; Turon, A.; Mayugo, J.A.  "Simulation of drop-weight impact and compression after impact tests on composite laminates."  Composite Structures  94 (2012):  3364-3378.
    Maimi,P.; Camanho,P.P.; Mayugo,J.A.; Turon, A.  "Matrix cracking and delamination in laminated composites. Part I: Ply constitutive law, first ply failure and onset of delamination ."  Mechanics of Materials  43 (2011):  169-185.
    Maimi,P.; Camanho,P.P.; Mayugo,J.A.; Turon, A.  "Matrix cracking and delamination in laminated composites. Part II: Evolution of crack density and delamination ."  Mechanics of Materials  43 (2011):  194-211.
    Mayugo, J.A.; Camanho, P.P.; Maimí, P.; Dávila, C.G.  "Analytical Modelling of Transverse Matrix Cracking of [±θ,90n]s Composite Laminates under Multiaxial Loading ."  Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures  17 (2010):  237-245.
    Maimí, P.; Mayugo, J.A.; Camanho, P.P.  "A Three-dimensional Damage Model for Transversely Isotropic Composite Laminates ."  Journal of Composite Materials  42 (2008):  2717-2745.
    Maimí, P.; Camanho, P.P.; Mayugo, J.A.; Dávila, C.G.   "A Continuum Damage Model for Composite Laminates. Part I-Constitutive model ."  Mechanics of Materials  39 (2007):  897-908.
    Maimí, P.; Camanho, P.P.; Mayugo, J.A; Dávila, C.G.  "A Continuum Damage Model for Composite Laminates. Part II-Computational implementation and validation ."  Mechanics of Materials  39 (2007):  909-919.
    Barbero, E.J.; J. Trovillion, J.; Mayugo, J.A.; Sikkild, K.K.   "Finite element modeling of plain weave fabrics from photomicrograph measurements ."  Composite Structures  73 (2006):  41-52.
    Trias, D.; Costa, J.; Mayugo, J.A. ; Hurtado, J.E.   "Random models versus periodic models for fibre reinforced composites ."  Computational Materials Science  38 (2006):  316-324.
    Turon, A.; Costa, J.; Maimí, P.; Trias, D.; Mayugo, J.A.  "A progressive damage model for unidirectional fibre-reinforced composites based on fibre fragmentation. Part I: Formulation ."  Composites Science and Technology  65 (2005):  2039-2048.
    Costa, J.; Turon, A.; Trias, D.; Blanco, N.; Mayugo, J.A.   "A progressive damage model for unidirectional fibre-reinforced composites based on fibre fragmentation. Part II: Stiffness reduction in environment sensitive fibres under fatigue ."  Composites Science and Technology  65 (2005):  2269-2275.



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