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    Pla C, Tudela S, Roldán MI García-Marin JL  "Population and stocks units by genetic identification.."  Informe Final Projecte   (1994):  -.


    Laia Planella; Sandra Heras; Manuel Vera; José Luís García-Marín; María Inés Roldán  "An Optimized high quality male DNA extraction from spermatophores in open thelycum shrimp species."  Integrative Zoology  12 (2017):  421-427.
    Maria Inés Roldán; Ferruccio Maltagliati  "Si la sepia pudiera ver el arco iris.."  PescaMar  155 (2016):  26-33.
    Heras S.; Maltagliati F.; Fernández,M.V.; Roldán M.I  "Shaken not stirred: a molecular contribution to the systematics of genus Mugil (Teleostei, Mugilidae)."  Integrative Zoology  11 (2016):  175-181.
    Heras, S.; Planella, L.; Caldarazzo, I.; Vera, M.; García-Marín, J-L.; Roldán, M.I.  "Development and characterization of novel microsatellite markers by Next Generation Sequencing for the blue and red shrimp Aristeus antennatus."  PeerJ  e2200 (2016):  1-14.
    Marta Crous; Maria Ines Roldán  "Characterization of mitochondrial control region in Merlucciidae: sequence variation and molecular phylogeny."  Zootaxa  3972 (2015):  393-406.
    Jordi Viñas; Nuria Sanz; Luis Peñarrubia; Rosa-Maria Araguas; José-Luis García-Marín; Maria-Inés Roldán; Carles Pla  "Genetic population structure of European anchovy in the Mediterranean Sea and the Northeast Atlantic Ocean using sequence analysis of the mitochondrial DNA control region."  ICES Journal of Marine Science  71 (2014):  391-392.
    M. Barbieri, F. Maltagliati, M.I. Roldán, A. Castelli  "Molecular contribution to stock identification in the small spotted catshark, Scyliorhinus canicula (Chondrichthyes, Scyliorhinidae). ."  Fisheries Research  154 (2014):  11-16.
    María Inés Roldán; Laia Planella; Sandra Heras; María Victoria Fernández  "Genetic analyses of two spawning stocks of the short-finned squid (Illex argentinus) using nuclear and mitochondrial data."  Comptes Rendus Biologies  337 (2014):  503-512.
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    Roldán MI  "Enzymatic polymorphisms in the Argentinian hake, Merluccius hubbsi Marini, of the Argentinian continental shelf."  Journal of Fish Biology  39 (1991):  53-59.


    Article de divulgació
    Roldán, Maria Ines  "Zoogeografia mediterrània, els estocs genètics i la gestió de les pesqueries."  Omnis Cellula  26 (2011):  6-6.


    Review (Ressenyes i Recensions)
    Silva-Segundo, C.A.; Brito-Chavarria, M.; Balart, E.F.; Barriga-Sosa, I.A.; Rojas-Esquivel, R.; Roldán, M.I.; Murugan, G.; García-De León, F.J.  "Clarifying the taxonomic status of Merluccius spp. in the northeastern Pacific: A combined morphological and molecular approach."  Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries  21 (2011):  259-282.
    Heras, S.; Roldan, M.I.; González, M.  "Molecular phylogeny of Mugilidae fishes revised ."  Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries  19 (2009):  217-231.



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