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    Vilanova, M., Castro, J., Tubert, P., Ribo, M., Benito, A.   "Ribonucleases directed to the nucleus as a novel proapoptotic anticancer strategy ."  New Biotechnology  25 (2009):  S8-S9.


    Kurpiewska, K.; Torrent, G.; Ribó, M.; Loch, J.I.; Vilanova, M.; Lewiński, K.  "Investigating the effects of double mutation C30A/C75A on onconase structure: Studies at atomic resolution."  Biopolymers (títol associat amb Peptide Science)  101 (2015):  454-460.
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    Callís, M., Serrano, S., Benito, A., Laurents, Vilanova, M., D.V., Bruix, M.& Ribó, M.   "Towards Tricking a Pathogen’s Protease into Fighting Infection: The 3D Structure of a Stable Circularly Permuted Onconase Variant Cleavedby HIV-1 Protease."  PLoS One  8 (2013):  e54568-e54568.
    Castro, Jessica; Ribó, Marc; Puig, Teresa, Colomer, Ramon, Vilanova, Maria & Benito, Antoni  "A cytotoxic ribonuclease reduces the expression level of P-glycoprotein in multidrug-resistant cell lines ."  Investigational New Drugs  30 (2012):  880-888.
    Vert, A.; Castro, J.; Ruiz-Martínez, S.; Tubert, P., Escribano, D.; Ribó, M.; Vilanova, M.; and Benito, A.  "Generation of New Cytotoxic Human Ribonuclease Variants Directed to the Nucleus."  Molecular Pharmaceutics  9 (2012):  2894-2902.
    Jessica Castro, Marc Ribó, Susanna Navarro, Maria Victòria Nogués, Maria Vilanova and Antoni Benito  "A human ribonuclease induces apoptosis associated with p21WAF1/CIP1 induction and JNK inactivation ."  BMC Cancer  11 (2011):  9-.
    Tubert, P., Laurents, D.V., Ribó, M., Bruix, M., Vilanova, M. & Benito, A.  "Interactions crucial for 3D swapping in the HP-RNase variant PM8 ."  Biophysical Journal  101 (2011):  459-467.
    Tubert, Pere; Rodríguez, Montserrat; Ribó, Marc; Benito, Antoni; Vilanova, Maria  "The nuclear transport capacity of a human-pancreatic ribonuclease variant is critical for its cytotoxicity ."  Investigational New Drugs  29 (2011):  811-817.
    Ercole, Carmine; López Alonso, Jorge Pedro; Font, Josep; Ribó, Marc; Vilanova, Maria; Picone, Delia; Laurents, Douglas V.  "Crowding agents and osmolytes provide insight into the formation and dissociation of RNase A oligomers ."  Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics  506 (2011):  123-129.
    López Alonso, Jorge; Bruix, Marta; Font, Josep; Ribó, Marc; Vilanova, Maria; Jimenez, M. Angeles; Santoro, Jorge; González, Carlos; Laurents, Douglas  "NMR Spectroscopy Reveals that RNase A is Chiefly Denatured in 40% Acetic Acid: Implications for Oligomer Formation by 3D Domain Swapping."  Journal of the American Chemical Society  132 (2010):  1621-1630.
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    Vilà, R.; Benito, A.; Ribó, M.; Vilanova, M.  "Mapping the stability clusters in bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A ."  Biopolymers (títol associat amb Peptide Science)  91 (2009):  1038-1047.
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