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MSc degree: Biology, 1992, University of Barcelona

Doctorate degree: PhD Ecology (“Heterotrophic and autotrophic metabolism in Mediterranean streams”), 1997, University of Barcelona.

Present position: “Profesora Titular de Universidad” (Associate Professor) at the University of Girona, Girona (2010-).

Coordinator of the Doctorate Program in Water Science and Technology of the University of Girona (2017-).

Associate Editor for Limnology and Oceanography (position 1/20 in Limnology subject category, JCR), 2012-

Supervisor of PhD thesis:

-Anna Freixa (PhD 2016, University of Girona, “Function and structure of river sediment biofilms and their role in dissolved organic matter utilization”)

-Vannak Ann (PhD 2015, University of Girona, “Linking river sediment physical properties to biofilm biomass and activity”, co-directed with A. Butturini).

-Juanita Mora (PhD 2014, University of Girona, “Leaf litter decomposition in Mediterranean streams: microbial processes and responses to drought under current global change scenario”, co-directed with A. Elosegi).

-Lorenzo Proia (PhD 2012, University of Girona, “Biofilm responses to multiple stressors associated to global change in river ecosystems”, co-directed with S. Sabater).

-Irene Ylla (PhD 2011, University of Girona, “Availability and use of organic matter in stream ecosystems”, co-directed with S. Sabater).

-Joan Artigas (PhD 2008, University of Girona, “The role of fungi and bacteria on the organic matter decomposition process in streams: interaction and relevance in biofilms”, co-directed with S. Sabater).

Currently advisor of the following PhD students:

-Núria Perujo (“The hyporheic as a bioreactor: interaction between physical heterogeneity and microbial processes“, 2015-, co-directed with X. Sànchez-Vila).

-Giulia Gionchetta (“Drought impacts on heterotrophic riverbed communities of temporary streams”, 2016-).


Currently teaching at the Biology and Environmental Sciences degrees: General Ecology, Practicum in Ecology, Methods in Ecology.

Currently teaching at the Master in Water Science and Technology: River and reservoir systems: functioning and management, Water resource quality assessment: practical cases, Structure and dynamics of aquatic communities.



Total publications: 90 SCI


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