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Experience the UdG

Experience the UdG


Centre d'Informació i assessorament dels estudiants
Campus de Montilivi
Edifici CIAE accés al mapa
17003 GIRONA
Tel. 972 418 046

Experience the UdG

The UdG has more than 15,000 students and 1,100 professors. It offers more than 40 degrees and more than 40 masters, 1 School of Doctoral Studies and is organised into 9 of its own faculties and schools, 7 that are associated. The research activity is carried out in more than 20 departments, 9 institutes , as well as in a hundred specialised research groups; The UdG has more than 20 Chairs.

In addition to having these teaching and research strengths, the University of Girona is a homogeneous whole where the day to day of university life is experienced intensely. The UdG consists of three urban campuses. The Barri Vell Campus, at the heart of historic Girona, has restored old civil and religious structures to be the centre of the university. The City Centre Campus is located in the newer part of the city extending south and west from the Barri Vell. The Montilivi Campus, situated in a wooded area on the edge of the city, is the campus with the most faculties and schools and more plans for growth.

On all three—and in other places, such as faculty residences and lifelong education centres—the academic spirit is palpable and, in its own way, the university is understood, firmly established in the Girona region and a stimulus for recreational, cultural and social activities.

Experiencing the UdG means taking advantage of all the resources it has to offer, from information needed to get around the campuses to language learning, from participation in a variety of associations to involvement in sports activities. Experiencing the UdG means enjoying these advantages and a degree of familiarity beneficial to studying and intellectual reflection.