EMTM 2012-2014

This is a list of research topics, undertaken by the EMTM 2012-2014 generation students, during their Master Thesis semester (February-July 2014):

Johan Adermalm (Sweden): Knowledge Management in Online Tourism Networks: The Adoption of the Creative Industries Web 2.0 Paradigm in Tourism Destination Management.

Rieko Ando (Japan): The Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, its Role for Influencing the Perceptions Held by the World on the Governmental Attitude toward the Nuclear Power Plant Problem, and Re-branding the Image of Japan.

Luiza Badzhakyan (Bulgaria): Travel Challenges and Motivations of Vegans.

Syed Bashar (Bangladesh): Impact of Social Travel Networks on Travel Planning: The Case of Tripadvisor.

Gabriel Blchač (Slovakia): Rural Experience as a Complement to Sport Adventure Tourism Product.

Selina Botescu (The Netherlands): Customers in Space: An Exploratory Research on the Perceptions of Future Suborbital Space Tourists.

Emmanuelle Brochet (France): Project of Responsible and Solidarity Surf on the Basque Coast.

Maja Černec (Slovenia): Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in the International Hotel Chains: A Web Content Analysis.

Alexandru Dimache (Romania): Meaningful Experiences at Dark Heritage Sites: A Semiotic Analysis of the Memory-Narratives-Place Attachment Nexus.

Gražina Diržyte (Lithuania): In Search for Authenticity: Tourists Perception of Authenticity in Dining Experiences.

Lucas Fernández Estévez (Spain): Rugby, Traditions and Destination Image.

Azeb Fitwi (Eritrea): The Importance of ISO 10001 and ISO 10004 on Hotel Industry in Catalonia.

Anna Karina Gentgen (Germany): An Analysis of Frequent Leisure Traveller Behaviour within the Context of Contemporary Climate Change Debates.

Agnès Julià Maset (Spain): The Development of Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) in a Regional Tourism Destination.

Marija Lanč (Slovenia): Accessibility Legislation for Tourism Accommodation: The Case of EU.

Anastasiia Lushyna (Ukraine): Dark Tourism: Understanding Visitor Motivation. Case of Chernobyl.

Luka Maslač (Croatia): Perception and Importance of Authenticity Among the Subgroup of Chinese Generation Y.

Kimberly Peterkin (Jamaica): Online Travel Agencies as a Source of Hotel Information: A Content Analysis.

Alina Pop (Romania): Understanding the Relationship between the Accommodation and the Experience of Place of Language Tourists.

Štepan Prindiš (Czech Republic): Tourist's Educational Involvement at the Eco-Lodge: A Case Study of l'Orri de Planès, France.

Inga Prusevičiūtė (Lithuania): The Influence of Movie Trailers on Destination Image: The Case of China.

Elena Sibireva (Russia): Customer-Based Brand Equity Model (CBBE) for Measurement of MICE Destinations Brand Performance.

Aksana Staravoitava (Belarus): Single Regional Visas and Travel Facilitation: The View of Travel Companies in Central Asia.

Polina Tarabrina (Russia): Cooperative Branding of Small Gastronomic Destinations: The Case of Wine Routes in Lazio region, Italy.

Kristof Tomej (Ukraine/Hungary): Assessing Sustainable Tourist Transport Systems.

Nafisah Wulandari (Indonesia): Projected and Perceived Images of Indonesia’s Tourism Campaign ‘Wonderful Indonesia’.

Georgina Xifra Cubero (Spain): Family Tourism Decision-Making: The Role of Digital Women.

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