Field Trips

One of the main elements that makes EMTM a unique program in the field of tourism studies, is the fact that it takes place in three totally different countries of the European continent, that can provide the visitor with three different tourism experiences. One of EMTM's biggest goals is to give students a taste of the local tourism industry in each of the three countries, therefore it organizes at least one field trip for the class in each semester. 

In this section you can find examples of previous field trips that EMTM alumni had the chance to participate in. 


SEMESTER I - University of Southern Denmark

Day trip to the island of Mandø and Ribe, the oldest town in the whole Denmark, as part of the students' induction week to Danish history and culture.  


Guided tour with a certified bird watching wildlife guide in Fanø Island, SW Denmark, as part of the class "Sustainable Tourism Development".


Field trip to Lillebælt, where students and researchers met with a number of industry representatives. Destination Lillebælt, which covers Kolding, Fredericia and Middelfart municipalities, serves to establish a Destination Management Organisation for the Lillebælt area. Sustainable tourism development is integral to all activities and the overall strategy of Destination Lillebælt.

Field trip to Christiansfeld, as part of the "Sustainable Tourism Development" course.


SEMESTER II - University of Ljubljana

Guided tour inside the Slovenian parliament, as part of the students' induction week to Slovenian language and culture.


Visit to the Bohinj Lake area and the Eco Hotel Bohinj, one of the first certified eco hotels in Europe, as part of the class "Environmental Management in Tourism".


A week-long educational trip to the Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin (ITB).


SEMESTER III: University of Girona

Participation in the UNWTO World Tourism Day 2012 in Gran Canaria, Spain, with the topic "Tourism & Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development".


Educational trip to the Spanish island of Mallorca, to learn more about cultural and rural island tourism, as well as visit agrotourism establishments.


Participation in the EiBTM conference in Barcelona, Spain, in order to learn more about conference and professional tourism and network with experts in the field.


4-day visit to the Spanish, French and Andorran Pyrenees, as part of the class "Partnership & Network Management in Tourism".


Field trip to the Costa Brava, as part of the course "Local Tourism Destination Development and Management".

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