EMTM 2010-2012

This is a list of research topics, undertaken by the EMTM 2010-2012 generation students, during their Master Thesis semester (February-July 2012):


Rocio Rodriguez Arenado (Spain): Destination labelling as a tool for sustainable destination management: case study of Barcelona. 

Kerrin Brandt (Germany): Volunteer Tourism - Volunteer tourists' experience and motivation.

Lalada Chantrawong (Thailand): Sustainable tourism development in Phuket, Thailand.

Margarita Chichyan (Armenia): Advertisements and customer actions: The connection between the perception of the advertisements and the actual customer behavior. Case study of Carlemany Hotel in Girona, Spain. 

Spyridon Doumenis (Greece): An exploratory analysis of motorcycling tourists' perceptions and consumer behaviour. 

Nikolina Đurinec (Croatia): Marketing wedding tourism in tourist destinations.

Elizaveta Fedorova (Russian Federation): Lost in transition: Communication gaps in tourism branding and their implications. Case study of Visit Denmark and the Russian market. 

Barbara Fignarova (Slovakia): The use of high speed rail services by business travelers. 

Tamara Gađanski (Serbia): Exploring the influence of photographs on the conative destination image. 

Gussa Haile Hambisa (Ethiopia): Analyzing the host perceptions of tourism social impacts: case of the south Omo tribes in Ethiopia. 

Abdul Hamid (Bangladesh): Destination branding challenges in developing countries: The case of Bangladesh. 

Megan Hennessy (Ireland): Accessible tourism: Exploring dialysis patients' world of travel.

Milica Ilinčić (Serbia): Benefits of creative tourism experience - The tourist perspective.

Yvonne Chu Yin Kok (Malaysia): Building an effective brand of co-branding alliance in the airline industry through the perception and flight experiences of the passengers. A study on code-sharing alliances. 

Wei Mei Lee (Malaysia): Understanding consumption behaviour of home-exchangers from Catalonia region, Spain.  

Lucia Lopošova (Slovakia): Social perceptions of developing communist heritage-based tourism in Slovakia.

Judita Malovrh (Slovenia): Networking around rural tourism providers in Gorenjska region: The case of tourism farms. 

Immaculate Mary Mbabazi (Uganda): Qualitative overview of agro-tourism's impact on rural farmers' livelihoods in Uganda. 

Christina Kaab Mosegaard (Denmark): Building igloos in India - How Denmark can approach the Indian outbound travel market through travel packaging. 

Anika Theresa Nolte (Germany): How does the increasing publicity of Camino de Santiago impact the personal experience of its religious and spiritual devout pilgrims? A case of Camino Frances, Spain.

Mariia Orlenko (Ukraine): Incorporating events into destination branding: Case study of Temps de Flors Festival. 

Laura Perpina Blanch (Spain): Destination image: An insight into the case study of Barcelona. 

Urška Počervina (Slovenia): Analysis of service quality in the vinyard cottages: Case study of Posavje wine region in Slovenia.

Katja Richter (Germany): Viral destination marketing: Science rather than art - A European perspective.

Eliška Smaržikova (Slovakia): Understanding the market for green meetings: Case study of Marriott Brussels. 

Andreea Nicoleta Stefanescu (Romania): Choice of tourism and hospitality as a study program and a career path: Analysis of Master students' motivations, expectations and perceptions. 

Yu-Ning Su (Taiwan): Chinese independent female travelers' experience in European destinations. 

Kwaw Koi Thompson (Ghana): Environmental management in specialist accommodations: The case of Slovenia. 

Nina Tosin (Austria): Blog trips. Telling a story through #InCostaBrava and #InPyrenees. 

Walailak Trongjittipanya (Thailand): From film to destination: Storytelling and image of dark tourism in Auschwitz. 

Amare Nega Wondirad (Ethiopia): Challenges and opportunities of ecotourism development in Wondo Genet, Southern Ethiopia. 

Magdalina Asenova Yarichkova (Bulgaria): CVBS as a vehicle for MICE-destination development: The business model of Serbia Convention Bureau. 

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