Suchi Smita Mahato

India, EMTM 2014-2016

“EMTM was, is and always will be a very significant part of my life. These two years have helped me shape further who I am as an individual, global citizen, tourism professional, friend, co-worker and human being. I had been a part of very diverse international groups before as an international student in North America, but the EMTM experience transcends even those boundaries as we move together as a unit to three or four completely different countries. During this journey, we chalked our own paths, professional goals and interests within the tourism field. The EMTM consortium has offered us many powerful tools including exposure to classes and lectures taught by esteemed professors from all over the world, practical research opportunity for hands on experience around the globe, trips to several sites including specialty hotels, nature reserves and heritage sites, connections with other universities and institutions around the globe for us to collaborate for our master thesis - to name a few. We were also provided emotional support, whenever there were self-doubts, conflicts or demotivation. EMTM is more than just a degree with mobility, it is the opportunity to gain immense knowledge from various diverse sources while building a network and family that will have your back when you need it the most. And it is an absolute blast!”


Violeta Meotto

Argentina, EMTM 2014-2016

“Being in EMTM is a learning experience, which transcends the academic sphere. Learning about tourism, different cultures, and mostly about yourself, is an every-day thing when you are part of an EMTM generation: that strange balance amongst education and (life) teachings. As we like to say, we become a family. This may seem like the most obvious cliché, but think about this: you do not get to choose family, you are "born" into it. Making long-lasting bonds with people from totally different realities and engaging in the tourism conversation in 3 different Universities, is the best platform to take a leap of faith into current the real world. Inside and outside the educational environment, EMTM aids in spreading tolerance, and that is indeed one of its main achievements. ”


Nafisah Wulandari

Indonesia, EMTM 2012-2014

“The learning experience during my EMTM years was enriching and unique. The exposure to forefront tourism world is unparalleled. Having 30 classmates coming from 22 countries is also the best way to know how tourism practice is implemented differently in other corners of the world and take the best out of it. I would definitely recommend EMTM to anyone who wants to not only learn about tourism management, but also to expand their way of thinking about the world.”


Nino Turashvili

Georgia, EMTM 2011-2013

“I often think of EMTM as an amazing and extremely exciting journey, that I had an honour to be part of together with representatives of the present as well as the future of tourism. Being able not only to learn, but also to actually live and experience the industry in all the flavours possible has given me ability to really see things from many different perspectives, to reassess certain values and to look at challenges as opportunities for growing as a professional. Taking the EMTM journey with 30 individuals as classmates from various nationalities, cultures and professional backgrounds enabled me to learn through diversity and semester by semester, course by course, day by day, discussion by discussion I saw myself changing together with the entire group while becoming more knowledgeable, environmentally responsible tourism professional and a very rich person in terms of friends connecting me to the rest of the world. I am proud I was, am and always will be part of this amazingly beautiful EMTM family. ”


Katherine Leum

United States of America, EMTM 2011-2013

“EMTM provides a lot of opportunities to learn about tourism in the field from people who are actually working in the field. There is at least one class trip in every location. The programme also attracts a lot of guest lecturers and our guests lecturers have been from all around the world.”


Amare Nega Wondirad

Ethiopia, EMTM 2010-2012

 “The possibility of meeting numerous international and global experts including the world nobel prize winner on climate change, Prof. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, and the eight day instructive boat tour, ITHAS, to three countries of South Eastern Europe is what makes EMTM for me a great experience."


Rocio Arenado Rodriguez

Spain, EMTM 2010-2012

“The international experience is one of the best parts of this master; especially sharing a classroom with my colleagues from around the world every day. Traveling to different countries is also giving me the opportunity to get to know various study environments, ways of life, societies, characters, languages, people, and of course, myself.”

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