Success stories

Because success of our students is also our success, it is our pleasure to present you former students and their opinion on how the EMTM helped them to their current position.


Alexandru Octavian Dimache

Romania, EMTM 2012 – 2014

Full-time PhD Student at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“Compared to other similar programs focused on mass-producing Good Professionals to fit in the system, the EMTM has the fantastic potential of creating Good People to revolutionize the system. Interacting with a wide range of researchers and professionals, such as Professor Emeritus Erik Cohen and Dr. Lucka Kajfež Bogataj, enables students to acquire not only a fundamental theoretical knowledge, but, most importantly, the wisdom of connecting this knowledge to the practice of everyday life. And it is this balance between book-smart and street-smart which empowers EMTM graduates to make meaningful contributions to society. In fact, the EMTM socio-cultural and educational environment supported me in redefining and strengthening the values which boosted my chances of being granted a PhD studentship from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Feel Compassionately, Think Critically, Speak Out Argumentatively.

Anette Hellsaa Christiansen

Norway, EMTM 2011 – 2013

Project Manager The Fjord Pilgrim Route

“I thought I knew who I was, where my ambitions stopped and to some extent I had an idea what my limitations were. I thought I knew how I learned things and what the endgame of a master degree could look like. EMTM changed all that. Learning is not easy and sometimes the obstacles you learn to master some from unexpected directions this making it even harder to cope with. EMTM taught me to identify the walls in my life and tear them down. With 31 warm and loving people from all over the world we created the best environment for learning; a safe platform to explore the world together driven by wanderlust and understanding. We helped make each other the best people we could be, and I work every day to keep that process going.

EMTM gives you a unique chance to study with tomorrows brightest leaders. You learn to overcome challenges, think in new ways, and learn to critically examine and respond in all kinds of situations. You don’t just get the best academic tourism degree (Master of Excellence) in Europe you also get to develop the skills to use it. It is safe to say that I would not be where I am today without EMTM. It helped me on to ECF in Brussels and then to the job I have today.

Today I am the project manager for the largest development project on tourism in Norway, a task that takes everything I have ever learnt and how to keep expanding on that knowledge. I lead an organisation that stretch over 5 counties, more than 60 municipalities, 4 dioceses, the directorate of Cultural Heritage and many volunteer organisations. The aim of the project is to revive the old 1400km long pilgrim water route to Nidaros as a complete cultural and adventure tourism product.

I still see most of my old EMTM classmates 2-3 times a year, we still benefit from sharing our experiences and discuss whatever we need related to our work around the world; even though we are divided by our passports we still are just as close butter on bread.“

Julie-Helene D. Sørensen

Norway, EMTM 2009 – 2011

Tourism Project Manager at Karlsøy kommune; Owner and Manager of private company Independent Traveler

“The program has shown to be not only theoretical, but teaches even more how to manage tourism in the practical sense. The EMTM program has helped me to network with the best tourism professionals and professors from all over the world and also provided me with the tools for managing the versatile and dynamic industry of tourism. It helped me both in terms of making me attractive to employers as well as on a personal level while developing my private tourism company.

Antonella Bonavia

Malta, EMTM 2008 – 2010

Content Manager/Marketing Manager of

Project Manager at Feel@Home;

“EMTM helped me a lot in understanding the global tourism context, especially the third semester in Girona - the content I learnt there is with me today, inspiring me to create new projects and hopefully be an entrepreneur in the future.”


Martin Trandberg Jensen

Denmark, EMTM 2008 – 2010

Research Assistant at Aalborg University, Copenhagen

“The European Master in Tourism Management provides students with a unique transnational master´s degree which links the essence of the phenomenon of tourism (the cultural encounters and experiences while being ´a mobile academic´ across three European countries), with professional courses that partly conceptualize tourism as a 'field of study', while concurrently addressing contemporary challenges and opportunities within the industry, and using these as terrains for case studies, project work and exams. I am thankful for the personally enriching period that encapsulates my phase as an EMTM student, and believe it gave me a sound professional springboard for my present academic career.”


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