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XII International Summer School on the Environment (ISSE 2012)





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3 to 7 of September





  • Delve deeper into applications of the LCA method in different water treatment processes and other processes in which water plays an important role.
  •  Become familiar with real examples of LCA applications.
  • Apply the LCA method.
  • Gain knowledge of the existing relationship between energy and water and the importance of energy in the LCA method.





Day 1: 03-09-2012


13:30 h. Registration and welcome

14:00 h. Opening of the Summer School

15:00 h. Introduction of LCA. PhD. Miquel Rigola

16:00 h. Introduction to Water Cycle. PhD. Manel Poch


Day 2: 04-09-2012


9:00 h. LCA in drinking water treatment. PhD. Desirée Marín

10:15 h. Coffee break

10:45 h. LCA in wastewater treatment with natural systems + sewer systems. PhD. Philippe Roux

12:00 h. LCa in wastewater treatment with conventional systems. PhD. Almudena Hospido

13:30 h. Lunch.

15:00 h. Practical exercise in applying LCA in wastewater treatment, part I. Ms. Elisabet Amat

18:30 h. Visit in the old district + dinner (social programme).


Day 3: 05-09-2012


9:00 h. LCA in agriculture. PhD. Assumpció Antón

10:15 h. Cofee break

10:45 h. Wastewater in industries. PhD. Luis Arroja

12:00 h. Rain harvesting. PhD. Xavier Gabarrell or PhD. Ramon Farreny

13:30 h. Lunch

15:00 h. Practical exercise in applying LCA in wastewater treatment, part II. PhD. Lluís Corominas and Mr. Sadurní Morera

17:00 h. Round table with experts in the application of LCA in wastewater treatment plants. PhD. Ivan Muñoz and PhD. Jeremy S. Guest


Day 4: 06-09-2012


9:00 h. Decision Support System. PhD. Quim Comas and Mr. Manel Garrido

10:15 h. Coffe break

10:45 h. Water and energy. PhD. Gustaf Olsson

12:00 h. LCA in water reuse. PhD. Montse Meneses

13:30 h. Lunch

15:00 h. Selection of Wastewater treatment Techniques. PhD. Rubén Reif and Mr. Manel Garrido

16:00 h. Database availability + summary and conclusions. PhDs. Miquel Rigola and Xavier Gabarrell


Day 5: 07-09-2012


9:00 h. Field trip, visit to a treatment plant.

13:30 h. Closing lunch of the Summer School, next to the coast.


This activity will be recognized with 2 ECTS


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