The contruction of gender in television fiction


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Communication tables / Roundtables


The communication tables will be divided in three sessions and will be led by a teller that will analize all the projects presented.

The callers will have to deliver their proposals within the timescales asigned to let tellers in every session summarize the content of every block and ask the most remarkable questions and aspects that make possible its topic development.

In these sessions will intervene the autors of each project and also the assistants at the Conference.

The most important ideas and conclusions will be collected by the tellers and will be added to the Conference closing ceremony.

Characteristics and requirements of communications
The communications have to adjust to the themes of the Conference, always
related to television fiction, both national and stranger:     

  1. Immigration and gender
  2. Professional roles, stereotypes and gender
  3. Gender violence and sexual assault

Will be avaluated by the Cientific Committee.

Above all, next aspects will be valued:

•    Well defined objectives
•    Coherence in the content
•    Well difined conclusions
•    Innovation
•    Updated bibliography and documentation
•    Ask questions to debate

Necessary, at least one of the authors of an accepted communication by the Scientific Committee, has to be registered at the Conference in orther to add that communication to its programming and the final publication.