The contruction of gender in television fiction

Paper presentations

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Communication tables


The communication tables will be divided in three sessions and will be led by a teller who will help us to analize all the projects presented.


The callers will have to deliver their inputs within the timescales allocated to let the tellers in every session summarize the content of each block and ask the most remarkable questions and aspects to be developed in a debate about the topic.

In these sessions will intervene the autors of the different projects and also the assistants at the Conference.

The most important ideas and conclusions will be collected by the tellers and included into the closing proceeding of the Conference.



Characteristics and requirements for communications

The communications have to be conform to the themes of the Conference always regarding to television fiction, either national or foreigner:

  • The appearance of the characters in the construction of gender

  • Personality of the characters. Differences between male and female

  • Emotional breakdowns and divorces

  • Immigration and gender

  • Professional roles and gender

  • Gender violence and sexual assault

  • The reality game show

Will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee (S.C.)

Will be especially valued the next aspects:

•    Clear definition of the objectives
•    Coherence in the content
•    Well defined conclusions
•    Innovation 
•    Updated bibliography and documentation
•    Ask for questions to debate

It is necessary, at least, that one of the autors of an accepted communication by the Scientific Committee, has to be registered at the Conference in orther to add the communication at its Program and also at the last/final publication.

Communication proposals
The communication proposals (summary: 300 words maximum) have to be sent to the Secretary of the Conference before
June the 30th using the platform for events administration ConfTool, available on this same web.

The proposals received will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Conference.

July the 20th you will be able to consult in
ConfTool the resolution of the Scientific Committee.

Full text of the accepted communications:
The full text of the accepted communications by the Scientific Committee will have to be sent to the Secretary of the Conference before
September the 1st, using the platform ConfTool (as an added document in any format of next: .doc, pdf, .rtf, o .zip).

Requirements for the full texts:
The full texts of the accepted communications have to follow the next general guidelines for submission.

It is important to read before using the form recommended.

Maximum: 6.000 words. Sent in any format of next: .doc, .pdf, rtf, o .zip.
Will have to include the next issues:

•    Title of the communication
•    Autors of the comunication, detailing the following in each:
•    Name and surnames
•    University/institution
•    E-mail
•    Summary (maximum:
300 words)
•    Text of the communication
•    Conclusions
•    Bibliography
•    Questions and/or considerations to debate



- Teresa Gema Martín. Communication at Govern de Castella i Lleó

- Maria Corominas. Consell Audiovisual de Catalunya (CAC)

- Celia Andreu. (Professor at Universitat de Girona)

All the accepted communications will be published in the Conference proceedings. 



Posters will can be sent before September the 1st of 2010