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Who we are and what we do

MARGARIDA CASADEVALL. Doctor of Biological Sciences (Autonoumous University of Barcelona). Lines of research: Marine ichthyology, feeding, reproduction and fishing. She has participated in 13 research projects (6 as principal researcher) related to the study of the reproductive strategies of fish, the effect of fishing on those strategies and the evaluation of changes and improvements in fishing gear to reduce discards. She has published about 50 scientific articles in national and international journals. Through collaboration agreements with the university she has worked with the federation of fishermen’s associations of Girona and with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography to evaluate fishing resources. She has worked at the University of Girona since 1984. She teaches in the undergraduate programme in biology, biotechnology and in the official Master’s Programme in Environmental change. She has been the coordinator of the Doctoral Programme in Experimental Sciences and Sustainability and coordinator of the Doctoral programme in Environment. She's now the coordinator of the master's degree in Heritage (Natural and Cultural Heritage).


EULÀLIA DELGADO. Doctor of Biology (University of Barcelona). Trained as a member of the ecotoxicology group of the Department of Zoology of the University of Barcelona carrying out environmental pollution assessment studies. She is an expert in the genotoxicity test of the Comet Assay (SCGE) to assess possible damage to DNA caused by genotoxic substances and in DNA repair studies. She has completed research stays in the Department of Nutrition of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Oslo, where she conducted research on the quantity of antioxidants in the diet and DNA repair, and in the Department of Toxicology of the Purkinje Military Medical Academy (Hradec Králové, Czech Republic), on the genotoxicity assessment of various substances. She has worked in the Toxicology Department of the cosmetics firm Puig-Isdin, assessing the efficiency of UV protectants and of new substances for use in sunscreens. She also does biomedical research-related work for the scientific publishing house Prous Sciences. She is currently a lecturer at the University.  

EKATERINI DIMITRIADIS. Bachelor’s Degree in Biology (University of Montevideo); Master’s Degree in the Environment (University of Girona). She has been awarded a special action research grant (BRAE) from the City Council of Palamós. Her research is aimed at studying the impact of fishing and recreational activity on the area around the Formigues Islands, analysing the situation prior to the creation of the future fishing reserve, and collaborating with the Chair of the ProMediterranean Foundation to promote continuity and scientific monitoring in the area. 

Old members

DOLORS FERRER. Bachelor's in Environmental Sciences University of Girona). Master's Degree in Environment. PhD student. Her research deals on the relationship between parasitism, condition and reproduction, in some species of fishes. 

JOSEP LLORET. Doctor of Biology (University of Barcelona). Line of research: Impact of environmental factors and of fishing activity on productivity and the state of marine resources; fishery conservation; and the quality of fishing products and of marine ecosystems. He is a specialist in fishing resources and marine reserves. He has worked in various research centres and has collaborated with scientists from different disciplines and centres (Spanish Institute of Oceanography and the Technical University of Catalonia; IFREMER, INRA and the University of Montpellier in France; and NOAA-NMFS of the United States). He has been awarded 11 grants, has received a scientific dissemination award and has participated in 15 national and international research projects, three of which he has coordinated. He has participated in 20 oceanographic campaigns and has written articles for numerous scientific publications. He has also worked on scientific dissemination and knowledge transfer: drafting the Marine Use and Management Plan of the Cap de Creus Natural Park and is a member of the advisory committee for the Banyuls-Cerbere Marine Reserve (France). 

MARTA MUÑOZ. Doctor of Biology (University of Girona). She is lecturer of Zoology at the UdG. She has been involved in 16 projects of research or technology transfer. Topics of all these projects are related to the biology of marine fishes, basically on reproductive strategies and fisheries management, where her current research is now focused. She has published around 40 papers in scientific peer-reviewed journals and some book chapters. She collaborated in the multidisciplinary COST-Action focused in the analysis of the relationship between Fish Reproduction and Fisheries (FRESH), as member of the Working Group dedicated to improving estimates of stock reproductive potential standardising sampling procedures and methods. She teaches in the undergraduate programmes in Biology and in Environmental Sciences as well as in the Master’s programme in Environmental Change: analysis and Management. 

SÍLVIA VILA. Doctor in Biology (University of Girona). Through a doctoral grant she has travelled to Japan to work with Dr. Yasunori Koya and learn immunohistochemical and histological techniques and methodologies applicable to the study of tissues, in this case of the gonads of the species in question. She has also completed a stay at the University of Lisbon, where she worked with Dr. Leonel Serrano-Gordo to learn to distinguish the embryonic stages of fish, to know which techniques are better for subsequent observations of the embryos under an optical microscope, and to use various nuclear staining techniques (including DAPI) to establish where embryos can be found within eggs. She is an expert in techniques and methods for the integrated study of the reproductive biology of fish.

ALBA SERRAT LLINÀS. Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Universitat de Barcelona). Màster’s degree in Environmental Change: Analysis and Management (Universitat de Girona). She has done an practicum stage about the invasive Lion Fish in the Caribean Sea at the INVEMAR Research Centre from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has participated in the DrangonSal Oceanographic Campaign from the IOE. She has got an scholarship from UdG to study a PhD in Enviroment. Her research is focused on analysing the effects of climate change on marine resources using biological data (health condition, reproduction and parasitism), fisheries data (catches) and socio-ecological data from fishermen (Traditional Ecological Knowledge).

HERNANDEZ VILLEGAS HAROLD. Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Yucatan (UADY), 2006. Master of Science with a specialization in Marine Biology from CINVESTAV National Polytechnic Institute, Merida Unit (Mexico), 2010. Scholarship of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) for graduate studies at CINVESTAV Merida Unit (2008-2010). Scholarship of CONACYT to study at the PhD in Experimental Sciences and Sustainability at the University of Girona (2011-2015). His research is aimed at studying the effects of climate change on marine resources in the Western Mediterranean Sea, by statistical analysis of time series to relate catches, abundance and biological data (condition and reproduction) with patterns and / or trends in temperature variability, in order to elucidate the impact of environmental factors and fishing pressure on productivity and condition of the fish and their ecosystems.


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