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Guia de matrícula

Offer of subjects for the academic year 2017-2018 - Master's in Smart Cities

How to use the guide
  • Structure: The subjects are presented by course, apart from the subjects that are not associated with a specific course (if there are any), which are displayed separately and also as part of the course, in the module where they belong.
  • Abbreviations used: Type of subject (B=Basic, OB=Obligatory, OP=Optional); C = number of credits; G = group or groups; D = duration (1 = one term, first term; 2 = one term, second term; A = annual); I = main language/s used in classes (CA = Catalan, ES = Spanish; EN = English; FR = French; IT = Italian; DE = German).
  • Further Information: Click on the names of the subjects to see additional information about each subject (groups, skills, content, activities, reading list, assessment and qualifications).


Sense curs definit
Nom de l’assignatura i descripció T C G D I
Module: Final Master's Thesis
Master Thesis  (3501MO2241)
Labor practicum formulation and reporting
OB 12 S 2
Final Workshop  (3501MO2242)
Master Thesis presentation in an avant-garde research context. Sessions open to professionals with specific sessions for post-doc students. Particular assessment of the Master Thesis with external review process.
OB 3 A 2

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